Skin Discoloration on the neck area.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dara, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Dara

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    I went to an endocrinologist today for the first time regarding a problem with my thyroid. While there she and I discussed a problem I have with my skin being discolored on my neck. It is something I've been very self-conscious about because it looks like my neck is dirty. She told me this could be a sign of ???, and she used this big long word that I have no idea what it was, and that what it could mean is that I am or could be insulin resistant. So, she of course checked me for blood sugar problems. Diabetes runs throughout my entire family, in fact I'm one of the few over fifty who do not have it, Yet...

    I thought this might be interesting to any of you who also might have any skin discoloration.

  2. CPRN911

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    have it too on both sides of my doc told me the same things about type 2 diet controlled..another told me it is "hormones" am 50 yo...and the other said it's something ....plasma I'think...can't remember...anyway...trying natural progesterone to see if it's the "hormone thing" doc said it would lighten it up...the diabetes...I wouldn't think that's it for sugar is normal and I'm on no meds...if the "hormones" don't help it soon I have an appt w/dermatologist and am going to try this new cream out on the market..will let you know if it helps...I agree w/ looks like your neck is dirty..I also have it slightly along my jaw line on one side...hard to cover up even w/makeup..the only thing a doc hasn't said..."it's a sign of old age"...that's what my mother told me!!!
  3. JLH

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    and thought they were just from old age! (I'm 52)

    In fact, my daughter told me one day when we were in the car that I didn't have my makeup on very well. She said I had that "makeup line" between my jaw and neck. I jokingly told her that I was old enough to know how to blend my makeup into my neck so that I didn't have that telltale makeup line, and that brown patch was from old age and as my mother calls them "liver spots."

    I've never asked my doctor about it, but maybe I should. I am a diabetic, with my glucose controlled by both oral medications and insulin.

    If I knew how to treat the discolored areas, I would.
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    Hi, I also have these spots on my neck and jaw line that look like dirt. My neighbor has fm and has the samething,must be a connection.
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    I too have these spots on my jawline, also my sister has them too and she also has FMS. Sounds like a connection to me. I wonder how many other FM'ers have this?

  6. klutzo

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    She mentions in her book that our body chemistry is so off, that our sweat actually stains our skin. I have these marks on both sides of my neck and I know two other women with Fibro who have them. The 3 of us are all people who spend a lot of time outside here in Florida, which means sweating a lot.
    Dark skin on your elbows, knees and other calloused places can mean Addison's disease. An Endocrinologist can check this out for you.
    Dark lines in the folds on your neck can indicate insulin resistance, but Endocrinologists are likely to wait until you are already diabetic to notice this. Insulin resistance has become epidemic in this country due to all the low fat, high carb foods that have come out. Many people are insulin resistant without dark marks on their necks. If you are apple rather than pear shaped, you are almost certainly insulin resistant to some degree. The likelihood goes up if your triglycerides are too high, if you are obese, if your good HDL cholesterol is too low, if your blood pressure is too high, and if your waist is more than 35" around, (or 40" for a man). The more of these you answer "yes" to, the more likely you should cut out sugars, grains and starches now before it's too late. It's a lot easier to prevent diabetes than to fix it. Do a search on "Insulin resistance" or "Syndrome X" or "Metabolic syndrome" to find out more about this.
    I believe Fibro patients are more likely to get insulin resistance than normals because we produce too much cortisol in response to stress, which over time can cause insulin resistance, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Like we needed more problems!
  7. Dara

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    I did see an endocrinologist, she's the one who told me that it is an indication of being insulin resistent. She took lots of blood tests from me and she did tell me I need to watch my diet and "try" to exercise. Diabetes definitely runs in my family, so not too good. I will read the book, I think I have most of hers, I wouldn't have even thought that the discoloration on my neck had anything to do with FM.