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  1. Pinkgirl

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    I feel like I'm sunburned on every inch of my skin! It feels like my clothes are rubbing my skin raw and I just can't take much more of this! I can't stand having anyone touch me for more than a second or two, and every touch feels like a slap...

    I can feel everywhere on my body that is being clothes, hair, furniture I can even feel the seam in my underwear!!!

    I'm not sunburned, I look like Casper right now, and my skin isn't itchy or dry so I don't think it's chemical reaction. I don't know what it is!! My hands and feet are swollen, my face looks puffy, I'm retaining water from ever inch of my body!

    Has anyone else ever experienced this? I've had the all over achy feeling where even my HAIR hurt LOL, but I've never felt anything this acute before. What can I do? Besides sleep, that's where I'm heading now :)

  2. matthewson

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    I have been feeling the same way for a week now! I live in Mi and we have had unusually high temps. and humidity for a week. I have not been in this much pain since I was diagnosed after my hysterectomy!

    I have had the burning sensation, more pain and retaining fluid all week. Today is cooler and less humid and I am starting to feel better.

    If you got the same weather we had, that could be why you are feeling so bad.

    Take care, Sally
  3. LTpainallover

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    I have had that too. Sometimes it's accompanied with painful itching too. Even more painful because it hurts to scratch. I have sat in a cool bath when this happens then take a warm shower. If the water hurts too much wear a light T-shirt and loose shorts. Don't bother with underwear. Also avoid taking anything that contains antihisimines if possible. I made the mistake once of taking benadryl when this happened thinking maybe I had been exposed to latex (allergy). It made it ALOT worse. It may be nerves and antihistimines play havoc on raw nerves.
    Hope this works for you

  4. Megumi

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    Hi Pinkgirl,

    I know just how you are feeling, have had bouts with what my family (we all have FMS w/ lupus) calls 'skinburn' for many years. From what we understand it is a flare-up of the nerve endings. It can be triggered by simply a flare, or from straining the muscles and tendons in the area, or for just no particular reason. I have had it start in a small spot and slowly spread throughout the day to my whole body. An anti-inflammatory (Advil-type) takes the edge off for me. Generally I'll take 3 if its really bad. I haven't tried this one yet but my niece recently had some success with squashing aspirin/advil, making a paste with water and spreading it over the area.

    Good luck and remember....this too shall pass.

  5. Imfinetoo

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    I am so glad to hear that I'm not crazy. For the past few weeks my skin actually feels like it hurts and my clothes drive me crazy. I've never had this before and I've had FM since 1984.
  6. Pinkgirl

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    I'm sorry we all have to suffer with this, but I'm glad I'm not crazy!!

    It isn't as bad as it has been right now, maybe it has to do with the weather - it's been raining/stormning for the past couple weeks and today is hot, although it is humid, and I can definitely feel it in my muscles!

    My husband just doesn't understand how this feels and it just makes me so mad! He is home today and he's actually layed down more than I have, plus I had to clean up the mess he and the boys made... sometimes I just want to strangle him!

    I've been progressively feeling worse since we moved into this apartment. I think it's a combination of moving, stress, school being out (nothing to get up and ready for on a daily basis and dealing with my 13 yr old CONSTANTLY) my husband not working, and I'm in a serious depression right now...

    I keep telling my husband, EVERY DAY, that I don't feel good, so when I tried to explain to him EVERY PART OF MY BODY LITERALLY HURTS all I hear in return is "you hurt every day." Maybe I shouldn't tell him I hurt every day and horde his pity for when I truly need it, and boy, oh, boy do I need it now!

    Soft-not-really-touching-you hugs,
  7. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Soem people have more compassion and patience than others. But even the most patient will get worn down by constant complaining. Most people don't really understand just how damn pervasive this illness is, how it affects everything we do all day long. Or what it's like to be in chronic pain, all the time, the just goes from bad to excruciating at times.

    You have this support board and i've noticed you are a really valuable contributing member here. I look forward to reading your posts. You can vent to us all you need to and we won't get tired of it. It helps us more than anything, esp. since many of aren't as articulate as your to convey their feelings and ideas and it can be very validating when someone else nails down how we are feeling but can't express. So keep them coming. Your hubby will have more to give you when you do really, really, super need his support.

    My fiance is super supportive of me and understanding and never expects me to push myself or overdo. He encourages me to stay home when needed, even if it's a special event w/ his family or whatever. And he hasn't ever gotten fed up w/ me venting to him. I try not to vent on him often, but I do talk about the DD alot and tell him about my latest research. he doesn't seem to mind that, since he knows I have a medical secretary and nutrionist background and am just interested in anything medical whether it has to do w/ my condition or not. But sometimes I fear I'll wear him down, I'd be devastated if he ever barked at me about it like others have. So I'll go out of my way not to say a word about it, even when he asks, which he often does. One of his frequent greetings when he comes home is, "How's your body". And he actually means it and listens when I tell him.

    This is getting long, so I'll cut it short, but sounds like there is alot of stress at your home and other family is suffereing too. Good luck and God Bless in working it out so you guys all feel supported in your family.