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  1. ourlife

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    this may sound crazy but the past few days my skin hurts. My husband tried to rub my legs because they were hurting and it felt like my skin was on fire. Also i have sciatica on my right side and the tips of my toes feel like there is needles sticking in them.

    also i am bruising very easy. I look like i have been beat up. I can barely touch my leg to something and i have a bruise. They look terrible and you would think i would remember hitting my leg on something but I dont.

    Is anybody experiencing any of this.
  2. Doober

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    feel like I have a bad sunburn in many places in mostly the upper part of my body. But if you press on it it doesn't hurt like a sunburn does.

    Sometimes when standing or sitting, I sort of position my body as if I have a sunburn and try not to move. I know it is weird, I think it is just the mentallity of feeling like a sunburn, therefore react as if it were.

    When wearing clothes, the rubbing sometimes aggrevates the feeling for me. What I meant was certain type of clothes (No, I don't run around naked for those who's minds were left in the gutter......sheeezzz).

    As far as bruising, maybe you are low on iron, this sometimes help with the bruising. Please someone correct me if I am wrong on this one.
  3. Pansygirl

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    I've always had a problem with bruising easily but it happens
    even more now that I have Fibro.

    Sometimes my skin is so sensitive that I don't want anyone even family
    to give me a hug, which makes me sad.

    When my feet get tired which doesn't take much walking they feel like are on fire
    or burning ~it's hard for me to explain.

    Gentle hugs, Susan

  4. kaydville

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    I thought I was the only one who had this. But I did find something that helps a lot. It's Corn Silk.
    A natural supplement that is commonly used as a diuretic and kidney and bladder problems. I take 1-2 a day and on days may take more. It's the only thing that's ever helped.


  5. redwing074

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    My skin will hurt sometimes on my upper arm or on my legs. Hard to describe to anyone who has never felt it. I have had shingles multiple times, but the pain does not correspond to places that i have had shingles outbreaks.

    Sadly my 18 yr old dd has started to have this symptom. I hate to think of her getting this horrible affliction. I so believe that this thing is either genetic/environmental/ or even worse contagious.
  6. soulight

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    I have had areas of my skin feel like it was burned . Not like sunburn , but like I had contact with a hot iron and got a first degree burn from it. My doctor looks at the areas and can't find anything.

    I am blessed by a doctor who doesn't blow me off on these things. She actively tries to research FM. She said this is called allodynia ; kind of a mix up of the dendrites or nerve endings in a person with FM.


    Here is a page that kind of explains it . They call it cutaneous allodynia:
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    Another site that talks about alodynia and its relationship to FM/CFS[This Message was Edited on 07/04/2009]
  7. dsalling

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    Your skin sensitivity is probably fibro.
    Your feet sound like mine. was diagnosed with neuropathy.
    I bought a unit called The Rebuilder and it has reversed almost all of the symptoms.