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  1. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    kept putting on capinzen for pain heat now my skin is burning trying to wash it off keeps burning wont stop had it all over arm and back eve happen to u help val

    EZBRUZR New Member

    Capizen has Very Hot pepper Juices(simple terms)
    Rinse with COLD water if botering you,the warmer it gets the Hotter And itching worsens.

    Very Much Hope for Relief for You,Please be carful while using .

    take Care,
    eZ : }
  3. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    i figured that out about 2 hours and burning like crazy later it made my skin burn thanks val
  4. mamacilla

    mamacilla New Member

    if cold water doesn't help, try milk.