skin pain/burning??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jenmik, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. jenmik

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    Is fibro skin burning? Its like a deep burning pain. I only have this a couple times a month, but when it does happen it last for 4 days.
    The pain is on the back of my thighs, up to my butt and sometimes my belly.
    It hurts so bad, that I cannot even sit to go to the bathroom, when clothes touch, it kills. This is very painful.
    Rheumy wants to get my RA under control before she starts working on this.
    she said that it sounded like fibro.

  2. jenmik

    jenmik New Member

    thank for the information....its very painful and its hard to do anything when this happens.

    hope you feel better....jenmik
  3. frostymocha

    frostymocha New Member

    Mine is in my arms legs chest - feels like prickly burning all the time. In my lower back over my kidneys it is horrid - feels like someone is sticking a poker in my back.

    Ive been told it is Post Herpatic Neuraligia from the shingles virus attacking my nerves (Ive been told that the CFS gave me shingles of the CNS though I never had an external blister of any kind).

    Ive also been told it is nitric oxide being generated by faulty CFS metabolism (Methylation Cycle)and that I should take Pitosin shots to modify this metabolism.

    So far I take tons of advil - Im still trying to get a neuro to finish assessing me for any possible neural damage or what