Skin problems in face

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by moi482001, May 12, 2008.

  1. moi482001

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    have developed in the last two years. First it was very dry skin and then it developed into red skin. Sun tends to make it worse. Anyone having the same problem and some suggestions would be very helpful.
  2. willas

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    I have same problems - mild rosacea but it can also involve the eyes, scalp, neck, chest & back. In the last year, I've discovered Burts Bees products & love them. My complexion hasn't looked this good since I was in my 20's. I notice that my pain medication will cause the flushing to worsen for about an hour after taking, along with some foods & stress will really cause it to worsen. I avoid the sun but use a good sunscreen when I do go out. I noticed mine has also improved since I finally committed to a good vitamin & supplement protocol. I rarely wear makeup but when I do, I make sure I use a brand with as few chemicals as possible. I've read primrose oil is very beneficial but have never tried it myself. Has anyone else?
    If you think you have rosacea, check out the National Rosacea Society's website at for more information.
  3. for skin problems on face...

    buy aqueous creme.dip a sponge in the tub.squeeze the sponge in sink/bath water.

    then using your usual soap,wash yourself.

    im using neat aqueous creme on my lady area and anus.using one hand for anus.other hand for lady area.

    use one towel for upper body.a seperate towel for lower body,and dont put the towels together.

    wash towels weekly.

    change underwear daily and wash daily if possible.

    dont leave dirty underware to lay in laundry basket for too long.

    apply factor 30 sun block to sensitive to the sun.very much so.

    take care

    love fran

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  4. berrytired

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    I just developed this, on my face beside my mouth. My doc said that it was eczema! but the prescription doesn't work...
  5. moi482001

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    does not sound right since I checked out the symptoms. My dr. also thought the same thing and prescribed Cortison which did nothing. (It is also very hard on the body).
  6. moi482001

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    Afraid for some time that Lyme might be the problem but I will ask my dr. to check this out on my next visit.

    Thank for the advice on the aqueous cream. Do you have a brand name to suggest.

    PS: very bad itchy problem with the vaginal and anal area which is very itchy. How did you know.
  7. berrytired

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    I walked into my local health store not long ago and a guy was selling Sea Buckthorn with Ester - C....I just went out and bought some its in an's orange (hope I don't dye my skin) lol I'll let you know how it works, but if you go on the website it actually has Fibro. mentioned! we'll see!!
  8. i dont have a brand name for aqueous cream im affraid.its just called aqueous creme BP.

    i looked at my stool in the toilet,and saw what i thought was thread like things.they didnt seem to move.but maybe i couldnt see well enough.

    i see worm like things in my eyes.what we call floaters.

    i had blisters on my bottom washing hand.and now they have gone away,for the first time in 14 years.

    the floaters seem broke up ,now that im doing pumpkin seeds at 7pm each night.

    kind regards

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  9. berrytired

    berrytired New Member

    Perioral it. Can be caused by hormones. I'm not saying you have that. I do...and just got it this sumemr.

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