skin problems like crazy!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spazmonkey, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. spazmonkey

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    i've always had these little bumps on my arms. Sometimes they get itchy but never gave me a problem. Once i went to an allergist who injected something into my arms and they went away temporarily.

    Lately I notice that my skin scrubs off in the shower. I started taking Flagyl and Diflucan for yeast. I've gotten a few rashes on my arms and legs lately after being out in the sun. Now I have these little tiny blisters (they look like bites) between my fingers and I have these red bumps on my feet. both are itchy and irritating. I went to the doctor and she said it's excema. She also said i've had it since birth. But i'm kind of questioning this because i've never had an outbreak like this before.

    Has anyone had problems like this before?? or have any advice??

    Plus i have this huge cyst under the skin of my abdomen (i call it my alien baby), its kind of hard. And i have a cyst under my leg, its huge and fatty. This can't be normal
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    I get the bumps on my skin also, as well as scaly patches, and I have sarcoid lesions and get boils a lot. And I get REALLY itchy (this year was the worst ever). Skin is an organ, and it gets affected by this just like the rest of you. My son just had an outbreak of those blisters on his hands and he's been putting medication on it. He never had it before. The medicine helps some, but it's not gone yet. I used to get eczema on my hands until after my first son was born. All I can tell you is this has been a really bad year for everyone I know with allergies and eczema. The whacky weather is really doing a number on a lot of people. That may be why your hands broke out so bad this year. Sorry I don't have any advice - all I can offer is sympathy!
  3. Susan07

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    I know what you mean, something is always going on with my skin.

    Usually if I get the blisters it's because I've handled plant life! I shower using Aveeno especially after I've visited Mom in the country.

    Could the red bumps on your feet be chigger bites? They are extremely itchy and attack you in weeds. You might rub on hydrogen peroxide to see if it helps.

    Cysts - on my, yes! What a bother... I use neosporin ointment twice a day which causes them to shrink. I suppose from the antibiotic. The doctor has me on a round of oral antibiotics right now for one I have on my rear (which can track to your colon), it is clearing up.

    I also powder on Gold Bond anywhere skin touches skin to keep new problems from cropping up. Sweat in these areas can cause a yeast infection.

    I also have bumps on the front of my neck which never go away. They turn real red if I spend a few minutes outside. No doctor has ever been able to tell what this is and I have yet to be referred to a dermatologist. Guess I'll have to ask for that!

    Hope you find some resolutions soon these "things" are such a bother.
  4. Myth

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    I have skin problems, some which are similar. I get exceptionally itchy and irritated skin. As soon as I scratch I get red inflmaed marks or speckled with pin prick red dots, or big ol' bruises. I think it is a hystamine reaction without the allergy- I use only hyperallergetic products. I also get itchy bumps which drive me nuts and often turn into little scars which are rather unappealing. I have alwasy had a problem with scar tissue, as in I produce too much of it. People tell me to try taking antihistamines on a regular basis and using oatmeal based lotions to sooth the skin. I am sure this skin problem some of us are plagued with have something to do with the autoimmuine nature of our condition.