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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Vada, Oct 7, 2005.

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    Has anyone out thee had the following problem? I easily bruise and when it goes away I get these red blotches left behind that never seem to go away. I have always bruised. Having my cat just walk on me or stand for a few seconds will cause a bruise. I have scheduled an appointment with my primary care doctor in order to get a referral to a dermatologist. Not only am I concerned about the red blocthes, but on my back my husband has monitoring numerous areas which seem to havechanged in color, size and one is splitting. They itch like the devil, especially when I am hot. Skin cancer runs rampant in my family. My father had it, my sister had to have 3 removed which were benign ande my niece also had to have a few benign ones removed. I am so scared of this since I have just now scheduled for the referral. My husband kept telling me last year to try and see a dermatologist but my fibro fog, depression and [edited] kept interewring.

    Due to this I have decided to schedule my yearly mammogram, get a referral for a colonoscopy( I turned 50 in june and it has been since 1991 since I had one and they took out polyps which were benign). I have heard that there is a pill that one can take for cleansing since if I have to do the gallon thing I wind up throwing it up arfter about 8 ounces. I can't hold it down at all. It was bad enough when i had to drink the 12 ounce bottle of something when I was scheduled to have a cat scan done.

    I amalsoscheduledto seemy orthopedist for the osteoarthritis in both of my knees. I am having such a hard time walking very far these days. I have a cane that use in the winter predominantly, but feel that I am going to have to go back to using it, even though I have a handicapped tag and I ty to park as close as possible to whereever I am going.

    [edited] I have also been increased in the morning to 100mg Lamictal along with my 1 mg klonopin and 120mg Cymbalta. During the day I am allowed to take up to 1.5 mg klonopin and at night I take 200mg Lamictal and 50mg Trazadone. So far there hasn't been anypain meds that I can take due to severe allergies. I have heard of "Norplex" but don't know much about it. My girlfriend just started it for her newly diagnosed fibro.

    Also, Has anyone used the memory foam 3" pad. Does it help? I have severe neck, shoulder and neck pain and can't afford the cuddle ewe. Ican't sleep on my left side or my back at all, so that just leaves my right side.

    Sorry so long with numerous questions. Lavada
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    you're having a terrible time of it.

    I'm sorry I dont have any answers for you but I think you are doing the right thing going to your doctor about your skin. I bruise easily but not that easy.

    This will bump your message back up to the top.

    Please let us know how you get on.


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