Skin problems??????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sula, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. sula

    sula New Member

    Anybody have skin problems w/FM? I was just diagnosed w/psoriasis, seborrehea dermatitis and acne!!!!!!!!!! The acne, of course, is on my face...never had this even as a teen...the other two are only on my scalp! OUCH!!!!!!
  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have been suffering from scalp psorisis for about 3 weeks. Started out the size of a quarter and now involves over half my scalp.

    I used dermarest over the counter and it got worse. SO painful and gross. My Dr called in Clobetasol Propionate, it is a topical treatment. In 3 days it has helped.

    I go to see Dr on Tue, my guess is I get to add a dermatologist to my list of Dr.

    I am sorry to hear this, I don't believe it is a FM thing.
    Psorosis is a auto immune disorder. I didn't know that until I researched it recently.

    Good luck and let me know how your treatment goes.Carla
  3. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    My DH checked my scalp for me just above the hair line on my neck and over both my ears.He said that it sure looks like it.

    I cant believe it.Just started a few days ago and now I have some marks on my face next to my left eye.

    I have never ever had skin problems before.I have FM CFS and OA.

    I see my doctor next week for my yearly .I sure do hope

    theres something she can do for me.

  4. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    but, my dr. says no. There is just too many of us w/ it. It has to be with the immune system being compromised. I get patches in the same spots when they flare: rt. ear, hairline on neck and my hands will crack and flake. OTC cortisone will take it away when it happens. The hands are from work. I am a nurses aide with the gloves and hand washing. I am sensitive to the latex gloves and my hands will flare from them.
  5. intensemom

    intensemom New Member

    My husband was just diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis...which is a combo. of psoriasis and arthritis. If you have psoriasis and may want to be tested through bloodwork and xrays for psoriatic arthritis!
  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I have two types of skin problems--one is related to my systemic lupus and the other is really not my skin--it's my scalp, and it's what bothers me the most!!

    These scalp problems started about and year or 1-1/2 years ago.

    If I remember correctly, they started as small blisters, or pimples, I couldn't really see well enough to tell the difference!

    After my comb running over them, scratching my scalp lightly, washing my hair, etc., they kind of formed into sores.

    My regular dr. said to rotate shampooing with Head & Shoulders, Dermarest psorosis shampoo, and a coal tar shampoo (can't remember name--it's by Neutrogena). It has not helped.

    Then in a few months, my scalp started forming a white crust over the portion that is affected. I have it only on the top of my head--but a pretty large patch.

    My general dr. didn't know what it was--just told me to shampoo daily, rotating the abovementioned shampoos. He said he did not think it was scalp psoriosis because it was not behind my ears--just on top of my head.

    My rheumy said he did not think it was an outbreak of my Lupus (I have the systemic type)-- that it just looked like a baby's cradle cap!

    Anyway ... the rheumy got me an appt. with a dermatologist.

    She told me it was scalp psoriasis and prescribed the following:

    (1) Clobetasol Propionate Topical Solution, 0.05%, 25 ml bottle.

    Generic for: Temovate 0.05%

    This is a strong steroid-type solution. You apply a few drops to the scalp on a daily basis for up to 3 weeks, then stop. Then begin using the med. listed below.

    (2) Fluocinolone Acetonide Topical Solution, 0.01%, 60 ml bottle.

    Generic for: Lidex 0.05%

    You apply a few drops to scalp on a daily basis, after stopping application of above Temovate solution, if rash is still present.

    Sometimes I will put a rash cream on it before I go to bed, and when I get up, I will take a fine-tooth comb and scrape, or scratch, all of the "crud" off of my scalp, then shampoo. Then my scalp is literly raw and burns. Then the next morning, the white patchy, scaley stuff is back!!

    If anyone has done anything differently to get rid of this stuff, please let me know!!! It is driving me crazy!!! It itches like crazy and just won't go away!!

    P.S. I remember when my children were babies, a couple of them had cradle cap, and I put baby oil on it to soften it up, then combed it out (all like I am doing to my own head), then shampoo, and it would be gone in a short period of time. Well, I can't get rid of it!
  7. ive been a sufferer of psoriasis for 34 years now.and was told 12 years ago that i have fibromyalgia and ME/chronic fatigue syndrome.
    my daughter has psoriasis on her hands and feet.mine is on knees, elbows,hands,scalp.
    i notice that when i get a flare up of the spine stiffness,that my toe and finger nails flare up with psoriasis under the nails,then it goes away.just to return again at some other time.
    the specialists havent entered psoriasis arthritis on my medical records,but did say to me years ago that its likely i do have it.i think to definately get diognosed with it,your skin around joints has to appear red and swollen.

    kind regards
  8. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Have a skin biopsy done. Last year, I thought I had psoriasis on the tops of my feet (my mother has had it for decades, and it can run in the family) and my doctor said it looked suspicious, so she did a biopsy. It came back negative; turned out it was eczema, easily treatable with a prescription cream, and it's been gone ever since.

    I'm surprised at doctors who say "Gee, looks like psoriasis" and don't do a biopsy to confirm it. Psoriasis is a serious auto-immune condition requiring major treatment. Why would you guess at it? It might be something easily treatable. Request a biopsy if you haven't had one already...

    Good luck & hope you get better!

  9. picksgirl

    picksgirl New Member

    I, too, have had scalp psoriasis for a year. Nothing has helped. I have been to two doctors and a dermatologist. I have FMS and CFS. It flares up like FMS, but never goes away. It is driving me crazy! Burns and itches and hurts to comb my hair. I told my husband I feel like Job. I made the mistake one day saying everything hurt but my hair and nails.......then, WHAM!!! Scalp psoriasis. If anyone finds a solution, please let me know.


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