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    I have fibro and neuropathy and other chronic pain issues. I am just trying burts bees natual shampoo and avacado condtioner. It seems to help if I only stop scratching the sores. I am okay during the day but the nights are worse and I scractch them until they bleed. I am so upset about this. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried this product and if so how did it work for you and how long did it take? I have tried gloves, cut my nails and worn a cap but they are annoying and too hot to wear all the time.
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    You need to let the sores heal. I am assuming that they are on your head. You have itchy scalp?
    A hat is one of the worst things you can wear unless you are out in the cold. It can cause your head to be too hot, sweat, and make things worse. You need to let air to your head and scalp. Have you tried treating sores topically with cortisone or an anti itch cream? Don't use ointment, it's greasy like vaseline and may in fact cause more itchiness. Use cream, it absorbs, non greasy.
    Feel better soon!!!!
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    There is a couple shampoos you can try over the counter
    such as, T-Gel by Nutrigena (sp). There are others too.
    You may want to ask your pharmacist to recomend one.

    If after trying one of these medicated over-the-counter
    shampoos, you are still not getting any relief, you should
    a dermatologist.

    It could be all most anything giving you such a reaction.
    Foliculitis could be one.

    Try the different OTC shampoos first.

    All the Best!

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    Hi Snickers,
    You need to go to a Dermatologist. Those sores may make your hair fall out. When my girls were young they got really ugly sores in their hair. I went to the Dr and he said --had I not brought them in ---they may have lost all their hair. He gave them antibiotics and they were well within a couple weeks.
    Hugs Shirley