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    I have FM, was dx 3 yrs ago. I have not been on any med accept zoloft-50 mg for a couple of months. I am steadily getting worse, the last couple of months I have hurt more than ever. I am puzzled--I have noticed little red spots all over me, it is not really like a rash, they are just almost like under the skin and just red.
    I found this site about 3 wks ago. I want to thank all of you for helpful info. I was wondering if maybe someone could help with this.
    The new thing I have done is start taking some extra vitamins and minerals about the midddle of Feb. I also tried to go off of estra-test but was waking up more at night with the hot flashes going on. So I started back on them, but now all these little red spots every where.
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    I noticed these same red spots (rash) when my reactions started really bad. When this happened I read on here about Magnesium w/ malic acid. I started taking 3 of those a day and they went away. My rash lasted about 2 weeks and nothing I did for it helped. I have read that the rash is part of having FMS. So if you are not on the magnesium w/ malic acid you might want to try it. I also started taking the Panthoneic Acid too. When I went to the doctor about this they thought it was some kind of allergic reaction which it was not because the cream they gave me did nothing. Hope this helps...Pamela
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    One of the minerals I started taking was the magnesium. But at the time I could not find it with the malic acid, the one I'm taking has zinc in it.

    The more I look at these red spots, they look like estrogen spots(dark red--purply). But should they be on my legs?

    I have an appt March 13, with a rheumetologist, I don't know if I want to wait that long. (Paris--in Deluth,Ga) Has anyone heard of him? I was told he treats FM patients.

    I am so tired of being sick and tired. It seems like every week there is some kind of new sympton with the FM.

    Thanks again,