skin tanning with white spots

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    My daughter has chronic fatigue related to tick born disease which has been under treatment several years. She has developed a very dark tan without being in the sun, and some areas like the front of the neck, above and under the lip, and other skin fold areas are becoming a darker almost blackish color. There is no excess hair growth. She is now getting little white spots scattered all over in the tanned area. Can you give us any idea what is going on and how to treat this? Would you have the name of a doctor that is knowledgable about this so we could get somewhere with diagnosis and treatment please. She has the other symptoms of CFS also. Thank you.
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    I would urge your daughter to see her doc & ask for testing to rule out Addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency). Addison's can be life-threatening -- but can also come in milder forms.

    There may be other reasons for daughter's pigmentation issues, but what you describe coupled with "chronic fatigue" make it very important that the rule out testing be done.

    At the very least, the appropriate tests are: a.m. fasting cortisol, ACTH level, and the stim test. If your PCP blows you off, try another provider.
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    Skin tanning without being in the sun or using a tanning bed can sometimes be an indication of an adrenal problem. You should definitely get your daughter into see her doctor and get tested for Addison's Disease and Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency . Addison's Disease can be life threatening so you want to get this checked out immediately.

    Good luck and let us know what you find out.