Skinny turns fat, trying to turn skinny again! Armour Thyroid, here I come! ...Any thoughts???

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    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you are all as well as can be. As for me, I am a mid-thirties man, and have gained over 80 POUNDS in the last few years. Slowly at first, and then just skyrocketing over the last year or so. In the beginning, every Dr just told me that I was getting older and my metabolism was slowing down. I knew it was definitely not as simple as that. (It never is with ME/CFS, you know that.) So, I continued to move around the house as much as I possibly could (I'm housebound from pain and fatigue etc), I continued to eat at least 80% organic, totally gluten free, lots of water, etc etc etc....
    Still, I gain weight. I fit into none of my clothing from even just last year. I mean, none. I went from a size 30-inch waist to a very snug 42/44. I wore a size small shirt and now I am in XXL. My bloodwork showed that I have a slugish thyroid (dx hypothyroidism) and low testosterone, as well as big adrenal fatigue. I have had pituitary issues too, in the past, with a pituitary tumor which caused high prolactin. The tumor has been under control for a while now though.

    I am incredibly sensitive to medications and any chemical alterations (most of us know that one too, I know) so I normally avoid medications if at all possible! Now however, I have been prescribed Armour Thyroid and the hope is that it will help me, at the least, lose weight! (I am also prescribed testosterone gel, but I will hold off on that one until I know how the Armour Thyroid does.)

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this, any experience, guidance, direction...? What should I expect? --Especially in the beginning of taking Armour Thyroid for Hypothyroid... Just curious about others' thoughts. I would really love to hear if Armour Thyroid has helped / hurt anyone's progress. Thank you everyone in advance! I always love this group of people! Open to all thoughts... :)
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    Thank you for the input. I am more regimented and diligent with my food intake than anyone I personally know in my circle of family and friends. I actually studied nutrition years ago and wanted to go into that as a profession, so it is a passion of mine. My illness never allowed me to go as far as I would like. I find that asking real people about their actual real-life experiences with supplements, medications and such is much better than any text book though, for the most part. People often suggest that I eat well and exercise, and I have been doing so, as much as I absolutely humanly can, for many years.

    So yes, I already eat low carb, no processed sugars, mostly organic, gluten free, tons of water, phyto nutrients (phyto = plant) for my vitamins and supplements whenever possible. Plus, I walk and stretch as I am able to all day inside my house. I get up and down from my chair or bed and stretch, and I often will pace from one side of the house to the other, until my legs burn and I begin to feel faint. I am really doing absolutely every single thing that I possibly can to lose weight. Absolutely nothing --nothing-- has helped. Not even one pound worth. So being that my hormones are off, and my thyroid functioning is low, I do hope that this medication will help with losing weight. At the very very least, I hope that it can make me feel a liiittle bit better in SOME way, ANY way! .. I am afraid of side effects though, and getting any bit worse because of it. ..I would love to hear more about others' experiences with their journey down the Armour Thyroid path.

    Thank you once again. I love this community of invisible warriors.
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    hi happycfs. i do believe you. when we have health problems that cause weight gain. its impossible to lose it without taking care of the problem that is causing it. please take the armour or what ever else they are giving you to take care of the thyroid problems. if the thyroid is not functioning well it can cause many other problems in the body. mainly high chelestrol, constipation, hair loss etc etc.

    sorry i cant tell you much about armour , i am hypothyroid, and i take the new tirosint . but i have friends that do take the armour, and do well on it. so please give it a try. if you dont like it they can always switch it to another thyroid med. and i would try the hormone med for the testostorone problem. another thing i would not neglect.

    good luck to you,

    hello friends, ive been trying to respond to messages since they got this new board. this is the first time ive been successful yeah!!!!!

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    Hi happycfs - when I first started Armour (actually it was a different form of dessicated thyroid), my energy picked up. I was very sensitive to most meds and had no bad reaction to the Armour. One doctor upped my dose quite a bit a few months ago, and it started affecting my sleep, but when he brought my dose back down, that stopped. So the only bad reaction was some insomnia when the dose was too high.

    You might need the testosterone too, but it is good to try one new thing at a time as you are doing.

    One more thing - I used to be very sensitive to almost all meds and OTC remedies (1/2 a benadryl would knock me out), until I did a liver detox. My liver was overloaded with toxins so it had a hard time dealing with almost all meds. One glass of wine would leave me feeling sick for an entire day, 2 glasses would make me sick for 3 days. Until I did a liver detox under the guidance of my chiropractor who does muscle testing. It took a month, and was rather rough but I stuck it out and afterwards my liver was in much better shape, and I could enjoy a glass of wine or 2 again without getting sick! I also started taking milk thistle after the detox to help my liver heal. So you might want to look into this. The chief problem seemed to be toxins from chemical solvents I had heavy exposure to on a job when I was 19.

    Best wishes,