Skipped my magnesium for 2 weeks...big mistake

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Chelz

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    I take a magnesium supplement called Natural Calm, every early evening and just love this stuff. Lately, I have been batteling a slight case of bronchitis and instead of going on antibiotics, which always make me worse, I bought a bronchitis tea from the healthfood store and have been sipping that for 2 weeks.

    Well, this stuff works very very well. My congestion is way down and my cough has disappeared almost entirely and at least I feel better that way. You have to drink the tea for a while for it to work, so I was ignoring my magnesium and just didn't take it. Wow, what a big mistake, I was extra achy and in more pain, my sleep wasn't as good, and I scheduled an appointment with my massage therapist thinking that it would help, it didn't.

    When I went for my appointment last week, she commented on how extremely sensitive I was. Usually, I am always a little sensitive to massage, but it does usually help me, not this time. She is aware of my FM, and she asked me if I was doing anything different, I just told her that I wasn't taking my magnesium for two weeks. She happens to think magnesium is great for FM patients and she almost yelled at me for not taking it.

    At first, I thought maybe it was the bronchitis tea that I was taking that caused me to be more in pain, since I'm so sensitive, but I really do not think was it. I started again with my usual dose of magnesium (about 400 milligrams) a few days ago, and am better, not as much pain. It is always trail and error with FM. I will be mixing my drink of magnesium pretty soon for the night. Hugs, Chelz.
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    What is the brand and name of the bronchitis tea that you have found helpful?

    I also take Natural Calm at bedtime. It definitely helps my sleep. I have been known to add it to my bedtime tea, but it does change the taste (which is a good thing with the passion flower tea, in my opinion). I take Mg tablets during the day.
  3. Chelz

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    The bronchitis tea is from a company called Bell Lifestyle Products and the tea is simply called bronchitis tea. It comes with 30 tea bags and costs $9.95 a box.

    I found this in one of my local heath food stores, but it is difficult to find since I shop at 4 different health food stores and I can only find it at one. I'm sure you can order it on line, or if they don't have it in stock at the stores, they can order it for you. It works like a charm.

    It says on the box it is formulated with a combination of herbs for treating and to strengthen the respiratory tract. I bought two boxes for the rest of the fall and winter months.

    I do have to warn you, the stuff smells like dirty socks, LOL. It does take some getting used to. I suppose you can add lemon to it, but I like to drink it without any sugars or even lemon. Let it steep for a good 10 to 15 minutes and then squeeze the tea bag after that.

    The website is I hope I was allowed to post this website on here. In order for it to work well for you, you will need to drink it for at least a week straight, unless you drink more than one cup a day. I only drink one cup a day and after a week to 10 days, the congestion is gone. Good luck, Hugs, Chelz.

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