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    Last night I let the dogs out for their potty break. After a few minutes one of them started to bark so I opened the door and let them in. As I did so I got a whiff of an odor. Then it hit like a brick wall. I am not talking a little bit of skunk but a whole lot of it. I had to shut all the windows. It smelled like it was right outside the house. Now I am afraid to let the dogs out tonight. Maybe I should buy a ton of tomato juice just in case. Godbless
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    I had a friend that chased a baseball into a culvert. A skunk was inside and he didn't realize it before he got sprayed. He took countless baths in tomato juice and STILL couldn't attend school for almost two weeks. Now the vets have some kind of "de-skunker" for animals that get sprayed. I don't know how well it works though. Hope you can avoid the skunk.

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    There was a thread recently about skunk sprayed dogs. I have had to deskunk a dog a few times. Forget the tomato juice. This is what you need:
    1 quart of hydrogen peroxide
    1/4 cup of baking soda
    1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid

    Combine the ingredients at the time of use. This solution works to remove skunk odor because of a chemical reaction initiated immediately upon combining the ingredients. If it sits for too long, it will become ineffective.

    Apply the mixture to the affected areas, let it set for about five minutes and rinse. If you need to repeat the process, you must create a new solution, as the chemical reaction quickly expires. Avoid getting it into your pet’s eyes, nose and mouth.

    Also, if the dogs get skunked, it is important to be ready and move quickly. If you wait till the skunk oil dries, it is harder to get rid of the smell.

    Also, "Oust" works pretty good for any aroma that leaked into the house.

    Hope you NEVER need this info! But save it, just in case!
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    Thanks for the advice. Haven't smelled him since so maybe he isn't around. Godbless
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    Hang moth ba;lls where the dogs cannot get into them and skunks may stay away, also human urine soaked rags will work too I am told(sorry to be gross. Black pepper sprinkled around flower beds stops rabbits eating the panisies.

    Love Annie

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    About two years ago , a skunk moved in under our house. It took about 2 months to evict it. Unfortunately , it wasn't happy about being evicted and sprayed the house when it left. The good news is that no skunk will ever move back into a sprayed den for about two years. Contrary to popular belief , a skunk does NOT like to sit in it's own or another's pew . And I sealed it's access hole.

    The bad news is that the fleas the skunk left behind came up through the floor boards about two weeks later. It took about a month to get rid of them.

    Consequently , I do not believe in the catch & release program for skunks !..... LOL ....They get free high speed , low cost , "lead pills" from me. ;>0

    Actually , fox or coyote urine works better than human......"donations".

    Blessings ,

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    We had a big plastic tub with cover and put the following in it “just in case:”

    Rubberized bib aprons, rubber gloves
    Tomato juice (10 cans - large)
    Vinegar (5 bottles - medium)
    Throw away scrub brushes (2)
    Large throw away old towels (3 at least)

    (I'm sure others could add to the kit.)

    This is what we had and used about 7 years ago when our dog, Bear, got "skunked!" I'm really glad we had it ready as it happened when my husband let him out at 1:00 AM. We were both out scrubbing away ... and, yes, it has to be done right away. I'll never forget the smell of the skunk. It was really close - smelled like lots of burning rubber! YUK!

    The above took a lot of the oil and smell out, but we let him spend a number of days in his outside pen anyway as our sinuses had had it for sure. We kept his hair cut really short when he got sprayed and were glad we did. It took a while before all the odor was out and his "hairdresser" finally clipped it all out.

    He was really black, and the scrub with the vinegar and tomato juice turned his hair a reddish color that lasted through the last clipping.