SKY!!! I need your help regarding Guai and other things

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    Hello Sky,

    I just read your post about how you have been using guai for over a year now and it is helping. I was very intrigued by your post.. I am a 34 year old teacher who lives in CA, mother of 2 boys (5 and 2). I have had back pain since about college and then right arm, leg and back pain since 1994 when I was in a car accident. But still no biggie I did everything (very athletic played sports up until recently). The pain in my right side was sometimes irritating but I saw a chiro once in awhile (not religiously every other day) whenever the pain got worse. Well flashforward to after I had my 2nd son (9/2000). It started with my feet hurting (during pregnancy) wasn't like my first pregnancy and then after the baby was born I had stomach problems (when to Stanford) those kind of went away and now i think (know) it must of been the muscles in my stomach area or IBS. I had achy hands and feet. I could not wear close toed (sp?) shoes... Well I thought those were my worse symptoms WRONG for the last 6 months my arms back, legs, ribs and chest have been burning and achy. The TrP's in my lower arms could just kill me. Now I have all those ugly symptoms everyone on this board talks about. i don't have a good family doctor (never needed one but now am looking for one) Was referred to a Rheumy and he said fibro and gave me Elavil.. Well I didn't take it cuz I was groggier than heck and I need to take care of my two kids.

    I just want your advice on what I should do next? I only take magnesium, a multi vitamin and started Gaui (600mg 2x a day).. I actually went to see Dr. ST. Amand in November and he diagnosed me with fibro. I started the gaui in november and then stopped (did it for 5 days). I really didn't think it worked and getting the right dose seemed hard cuz i hurt and sometimes I don't hurt that bad. I have just started taking it 3 days ago. I have taken care of all salycilates (except toothpaste, am using Reach for kids lists active and inactive and no sals... actually need to email Claudia about that one). I don't think I am hypoglecimic.

    I want to know what your protocol is? Where you hurt? how you are better? I can't believe you play soccer (I want to so bad that I am crying as I am writing this) I went to my sons soccer game and my hands hurt from clapping to hard.. Isnt' that sad. TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU ""DO"" OR HAVE "DONE" TO MAKE YOURSELF BETTER.

    thank you in advance... I do not post often but read once a day... my email is if you would like to email me there... I just think it is wonderful you lead a normal life.. I do to for the most part but the pain is getting worse everyday.

    Thank you

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    I do not have many answers because I just started in Nov. on the guai.I have read the book well over a dozen times so I get(how to do it). There are also St. Amand site and then a limk from that site to Tesas site. A wealth of info is on both.For myself, I just went to the ok products and bought lotion,deordorant,shaving creme,razor, shampoos and so on that were on the list. It was just easier that way. I stopped taking all my other vitamins/supplements so that I could be sure I wasnt blocking. Yes, it does hurt worse when you find your dose. But, I have read enough to know this is actually a good thing so I am pressing on and being faithful to the protocol. It is the only thing in all my researching that actually sounds like it could help a bit. The docs have tried all the other drugs on me and none workrd.So, i say "go for it"...I wish I could see a doctor that would validate it. If we had the $ I would see St.Amand myself.I understand about the children thing....I have 5 and I teach 4 of them at home. IT is so hard. But, You have to make a decision to either go for it all the way or not because you will make yourself crazy if you sit on the fence. I will continue to post my progress on the board. My gentle hugs are sent your way...Kathleen
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    I'm not Sky, but she and I started the Guai treatment two days apart. I am also greatly benefitting from the treatment. I have decided to accellerate my reversal over time and have increased my dose gradually. I now take 2400 mgs a day and am feeling better than I have in ages. I also have CFS, so I still have cognitive problems and fatigue.

    I am a little perplexed about a couple of things. You said that you took the Guai for 5 days but didn't think it was working. The Guai is a very long-term treatment and it is almost impossible to find out in 5 days whether or not it is working. There's a lot of trial and error in getting the dose just right. Usually the first clue that the dose is correct is a Guai flare which can be painful. This is all spelled out in the book about how long to stay at one dose before increasing if no Guai flare appears.

    About the toothpaste. I'm not familiar with that particular brand, but if it is minty, it undoubtedly contains sals. I would suggest you e-mail Claudia and ask her about the toothpaste, the vitamin, and the magnesium. I found that the magnesium in ZMA is derived from veggies and was blocking the Guai. It's not always easy to find hidden sals in products.

    Good luck to you with the Guai treatment.

    Love, Mikie