Skychomper - did you stop at 10 sessions?

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  1. Bellesmom

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    I am considering having a QEEG here in Olympia, Washington and they say about 40 sessions is what you are supposed to have.

    Did you stop at the 10 sessions? If so, when did you get "treated" and how are you doing now? P.S. what did you pay for this?

    Spanaway, WA
  2. Bellesmom

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    Trying to find skychomper
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    hi pam,

    I never saw it on the board and never thought to check "my messages" Im so sorry! I hope its not too late to answer your question

    are you talking about neurobiofeedback? is it also called QEEG?

    if so, I did it 1999, about a year after I first became ill. I only did 10 sessions, as it was costly and the docter was unwilling to work with me on a payment plan. It was $100 for each session. and it helped alot! I had some severe brain fog/cognitive dysfunction- (trouble speaking, forming sentences) and after doing that, I could talk normally, and just felt like I had a good part of my brain power restored.

    Now that Im in a relapse, I've had some days here and there where I have those problems again, but it is never as bad as the first time, and usually limits itself. I'll try to keep bumping till you see this. good luck!

  4. Bellesmom

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    I had forgotten about writing this - amazing what we forget, huh?

    So glad to hear a response to my ??s. The same doctor (a naturopath) who does the QEEG program here in Olympia, Washington, taught me to give myself B12 shots. The first one helped a lot but the 3 others don't seem to have had the same effect.

    I am hoping to get the money for the test of the QEEG, $450 here, and them hopefully can get the treatments, $75 here, or at least a few of them. It's just amazing to me how the really promising treatments are out of the question for anyone without insurance/without money. has anyone else noticed that?

    Anyway - it was wonderful to hear from you!!!

    Spanaway, WA, USA
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    I have been seeing Dr. Dunn but my insurance has now denied coverage to see him anymore. I am very sad about this because he is the first doctor that I have been to that really acts like he cares and understands.
    I borrowed the videotape on QEEG from his office and found it very educational. Have you seen it yet??
    You might try the "search messages" on this board for neurofeedback and QEEG. People have talked about this subject in the past. There seems to be alot of mixed opinions about QEEG. Good luck to you!!
    PS I know this will sound strange but the B-12 injections started putting me to sleep. I was later told by an acupuncturist that I am allergic to B-12 (can't seem to win this battle)
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    Bump for Pam.....
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    I noticed you live in spanaway. I am about 15min from you. Have you found a good doctor in our area?
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    I would so like to try Neurotherapy, but the nearest qualified doctor is four states away, and charges $1,500 for the QEEG, and $140 per hr. for her office exams and $$1,750 for 50 sessions, plus $900 for training to use the machine at home, and $500 per month to rent the machine.
    A brain injury triggered my FMS, so I think I'd be a candidate for this.
    Please keep us posted on your results if you do it.
    You are so lucky to live in a more enlightened part of the country.
  9. skychomper

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    yes, it was a bummer when I had to stop treatments. My insurance wouldn't cover it because it was considered "too experimental" I've thought about going back-my finances have improved- they would probably have to do another brain map and start all over again. when I was getting them the docter told me that if I didn't notice any improvement after 7 sessions, it wouldn't work, I went for ten, although the technician said I would benefit from a few more. well I didn't have the $$ then.

    I also wonder if I did get this again, if it would help me with my sleep- both the quality and the quantity. I was so sick back then that I could hardly pay attention to individual sypmtoms. but it was well worth it.
  10. Bellesmom

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    had to watch it twice. I really think of all the treatment programs I have read about/heard about that it has the greatest potential (that is until I read about the possible heart problems in some folks with CFIDS).

    Anyway - I do not have a good MD in this area. I will try to address that to the person who asked. It's so hard to remember everything. If I forgot something, just ask again, okay?

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