sleep aids for sensitive people!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by abjessop, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. abjessop

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    Hi all,
    I'm new to this board, and glad to finally find an active list on FM!!

    After over 30 pounds and a year, I've finally managed to wean myself off of Elavil. Since then, I've tried lots of stuff to help me sleep,
    and am sensitive to all of it, including Remeron, Desyrel, Nortriptilene, 5HTP, etc etc. Its really annoying, I've never been sensitive to anything before this!

    Flexeril, Benadryl, usual pain killers not helping.

    So now I'm looking for new - and non addicting -alternatives, that are mild but actually helpful.
    Being in Canada, I can't get some of the popular stuff you Americans can have, like Ultram etc, but any suggestions will be welcome!!!

    Many thanks,
    abby in Ottawa
  2. 600

    600 New Member

    Ive always been afraid of drugs after being diagnosed w/ cirossis of the liver while on elavil,so I now use herbs,with some relief. Try valerian root,passion flowers,hops, or even catnip,which worked great for some time. You have to rotate these,and they can be used in combinations as supplied by these herbal combo's sold at health food stores.
  3. baby-bear

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    Benydryl and Zma. You can get ZMA here at the Prohealth site. Just click on the Store button at the top of the screen page. Its great. Usually takes about 10 days to kick in but works wonders. I also take the Benydryl 75 mg.s a night. Happy sleeping!!! Pammy
  4. tandy

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    have you tried Melatonin yet?? It works well for me,and you can buy it in the vitamin section of most any store.I take the time released 3mgs tabs.....about an hr or so before bed~I found it works good with no sluggish feeling in the mornings~ Hope this helps!
  5. Heidi

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    Sleep IS the most important thing....

    I also live in Canada. My dr. prescribed Zopiclone for sleep 3 years ago and it is still a reliable standby....I do wake if pain is bad but can usually go back to sleep.
    My daughter with fibro also uses it regularily.

    ZMA has also helped...I've bought it in a healthfood store that supplies body builders.My owner quizzed me why I would want he pulls it out for me when I come in the door.

    When I am in a really bad flare I add Mersyndol which is extra-strenth tylenlol with codeine but NO caffeine which disturbs my sleep.You need to ask the pharmacist
    for it because it is kept behind the counter (at least in Manitoba)

    Wishing you happy dreams,
  6. abjessop

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    Thanks everyone, that's a big help. I've never even heard of a few of these, so it'll keep me busy for a while!