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    Can anyone suggest a sleep aid that does NOT have an after effect, being rummy til noon the next day? I have tried various prescriptions, as are mentioned on this board and some herbal. I may go to bed not hurting but am up to the bathroom several times during the night and usually am hurting by that time so never get a good, extended nights sleep. Was recently checked for sleep apnea and its not connected to that. Do have fibro, osteopenia, scoliosis plus years of chiropractic for spinal problems, but because of the Osteo, am a bit afraid to go that route now.
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    There's a fair bit of variation between people in how meds & supps are metabolized. What gives one person a hangover the next day may not affect the next person the same way.

    So, a bit of trial & error is involved. With new meds, it can be helpful to ask for a sample before filling an RX, to save money. If you are interested in trying a new supp, sometimes contacting the manufacturer (email or phone) will result in a free sample as well.

    From your description, it sounds like perhaps part of your sleep problem is related to pain control? And are the bathroom trips part of the problem? You may need to treat both of those problems to improve sleep.

    With your recent sleep study, did the sleep specialist have recommendations for improving your sleep? Sleep specialists usually do more than just rule out sleep apnea, in my experience. They are experts in sleep hygiene, which is very important. Many people unwittingly sabotage sleep with holdover habits from youth (when most of us slept like the dead).

    One sleep aid you might consider researching is melatonin. A low dose (e.g. 0.5 mg) taken an hour or so before bedtime can be helpful in falling asleep. If after taking it you feel groggy in the morning, expose your face to sunlight or bright light as soon as possible. This will help your body to break down any excess melatonin, and help you feel more alert.

    Have you tried magnesium at bedtime? It's a mineral that works together with calcium to help build bones. It's good for fibro pain, and very relaxing. A chewable tablet (often a calcium-magnesium citrate) or a powder taken as a fizzy drink are two very quickly absorbed forms of magnesium, compared to hard tablets.

    Best wishes.
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    Just goes to show you how sensitive we are, even to supps. If you know the dose that works best for you, of course you should stick to it.

    My son tried inositol many yrs ago & got the groggies from THAT! It's supposed to be a very benign supp. But his body doesn't break down meds & supps like the average person.

    Best wishes.

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