Sleep and weight gain

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    re. about sleep and weight gain in the most recent bulletin; I found a fastinating helpfull book on just that subject.

    ""Lights Out" 'sleep, sugar, and survivial'"

    written by T.S. Wiley with Bent Formby, Ph.D

    Perhaps this book could be aquired by Inter-Library Loan.

    I know the Public Library in River Falls, Wisconsin, has a copy, because I donated it to the library a couple of years ago.

    Very detailed and very interesting reading. Explains the why of so many common health problems today, many of which are metabolically related to not enough time spent in the DARK as dictated by the seasons, and what that does to one's endocrine system, that really controls all one's physical and emotional functions.

    The latter half is all endnotes and bibliography of research that supports her conclusions....much of the research having been done by the National Institue of Health - your and my tax dollar at work.

    This is NOT a 'kookie, far out' book; serious conventional, western medicine research and conclusions.