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  1. MildredAnn

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    Does anyone else have diagnosed mild sleep apena,allergies (mold, pollen, food) and fibromyalgia? If so is how do you manage the pain and lack of sleep. I was diagnosed as never getting to Stage 4 sleep. My doctor says there is no sleep medication that will help me. Do you all know of any sleep medication that works? Thanks.
  2. Mikie

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    Which is an antidepressant, is supposed to help with Stage IV sleep. It didn't work for me, but some swear by it. It left me groggy and tired in the morning and a side effect can be rapid weight gain.

    I take Klonopin, which stops the misfiring of the neurons in the brain and quiets it down so one can sleep. I awaken refreshed.

    If allergies are keeping you awake, you need to see an allergist and get relief and fix the source of the allergens. I used to wake up choking during the night in my old condo. There was water leaking in the master bath shower and mold was growing in the wall. I had to have all the tile torn out, the area between the studs sprayed with bleach, and new drywall and tile installed. It stopped the problem with my waking up choking.

    Love, Mikie
  3. idiotsinc

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    I take benadryl (50-100mg) at night for allergies plus it helps me sleep. I take 50mg about 1-1/2 hours before I go to bed and another 25-50mg (usually 25mg) right before I get into bed. I also have a humidifier right beside me to moisten the air (helps keep my nasal passages from drying out) and sleep laying on a second pillow so I don't roll over on my back and start snoring.

  4. MildredAnn

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have been evaluated by an internists and allergist. I am on 6 allergy shots per week for pollen, mold and food allergies. I will try the Benydrel and am ordering a new pillow from Sealy that is suppose to help you sleep with your head in a CPR position that opens your airways more than regular pillows. I will let you know how it works. Thanks again.
  5. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    Where do you get such a pillow?
  6. MildredAnn

    MildredAnn New Member

    The snore-reduction pillow can be purchased thru Sealy bedding at The cost is $49.00.
  7. KathiM

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    i have been diagnosed about 8 weeks ago with sleep apnea....
    You MUST undergo a proper sleep study in order to find out at what stage you are and how bad your apnea is and how much oxygen your are at during the night. Here where I am at in California none of my Dr's would give ANYTHING for sleep until after the study because if you give someone sleep meds with apnea that is not good and there s a chance you might not wake up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am on the CPAP machine to keep airways open at night. Last night was my first night with the full mask and I feel pretty good today and rested.
    From what I have been told by my Dr......the fibro will only get worse if the sleep apnea isnt addressed properly because your muscles never get to regenerate.
    My Dr is going to introduce me to the sleep med in a couple weeks once I get the cPAP under control.
    Last nught I took a vicodin because I had overdone during the day and I slept pretty well and felt great today but of course vicodin is not the answer.
    They claim if you have sleep apnea and if you stay on the cpap machine that you will begin to feel remarkable so.......................I am waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Email me direct if you have any questions
  8. MildredAnn

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    I could not complete the test because I could not stand the CPAP machine or the nose pillows on my face and nose. They could see that I had only mild sleep apena and never got to stage 4 sleep. I have lost 10 pounds since the test and am sleeping a little better. I was under the impression that Tylenol PM or Excederin PM would not hurt me. My doctor said there was not a presciption he could write for me. Why is your opinion different? Just trying to understand. Thanks for you help.
  9. ckball

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    I was sent home with a small monitor the other night to sleep wit that gave a read out of my oxygen level and heart rate and was told I need oxygen with a mask. I assume it is the same thing you have. I don't know how I will sleep with the machine and mask, I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is. My level drops to 83-85. My Dr wants to do a sleep study but my mom is in ICU after open heart surgery it will take a long time to recover and I am her caretaker. Do they give you your reg sleeping meds for the study?
  10. sb439

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    I'd also like to know whether one gets sleep meds for the sleep study, or is meant to sleep without any medications (in which case I probably wouldn't sleep at all ...)
  11. fsprint

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    Hi Mildred, are you seeing a Rheumatologist for your fibro? Mine has put me on Trazadone and just the other day I was diagnosed with neuropathy of my feet and the doctor put me on amitriptyline and the medicatons are working great. You might mention this to your doctor and see what he has to say. Good luck, Fran
  12. KathiM

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    Hi all !!!!!!!
    When you go for the sleep study.......they do not give you sleep meds.....youo are to bring any medications you NORMALLY take at bedtime...meaning meds for whatever.

    I know I thought the same thing that I would not sleep either once i got to the sleep study but actually you will..........once you get settled in and all.

    I too during the first sleep study refused the CPAP and couldnt do it.....they brought me in a few days later and worked with me for 30 minutes or so getting used to it and then a couple nights later they brought me in for the study using the was sort of hairy but I just concentrated and did ok.........awake...asleep....awake...asleep.....

    Once you get your machine home it is a piece of cake once you get the right mask etc.....My machine makes ABSOLUTELY no noise AT ALL....and I have the heated humidifier and it keeps throat and nose nice and moist.

    I have not started on slepe meds yet but as I said in earlier post I have to go back to Dr as I am not sleeping too well still.
    If you have sleep apnea and it is not controlled it is VERY VERY dangerous for you to take sleep meds.
    Please be careful !!!!