sleep apnea causing pain?

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  1. Sheila1366

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    I went to a neurologist this week. Seeing her about a possible autonomic problem. She asked me had I ever had a sleep apnea test. I haven't had one so now she wants one. She said she didn't really believe in fibro. and felt that pain was possibly brough on by lack of sleep and being out of shape. I did not like this dr. to say the least. She was very cold. She did sympathize with me when I could barely lay down on the table for an exam.

    Have any of you benefited from a sleep apnea test?
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    I have sleep apnea, and sleep with a CPAP machine to correct it. With untreated sleep apnea, you don't get a decent night's sleep, and definitely have more pain, and your mind isn't as clear. It's been so many years, I don't remember what a difference it made for me, but just recently my sister and husband have started sleeping well for the first time in a few years. The change in both of them is wonderful.

    ps I think it's true that there are a few people who have been told they have fibro because their doc couldn't figure out what was wrong with them. It might even be as many as .0000001% of the fibro patients! How about if we all stick virtual pins in that doctor?
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    I am scheduled to have this test in a few days. It seems to me that if one has sleep apnea one would have some hint about it. I am going along with it because my dr. is cooperating with my wishes. I know she did not think I needed the recent blood tests I took. She was right--the tests eliminated one disorder for me. I do not think that it will turn out that I have apnea. I guess this is how one arrives at a clearer picture of what one has and does not have, medically speaking.

    I know I have very, very poor sleep. And I know that when I do get some deep sleep lasting longer than 2 or 3 hrs. that I do better (usually). If one has apnea I imagine that this diesease could cause medical havoc. But I am sure that one could have sleep apnea and fibro/cfs.
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    Some of the pain is because when we stop breathing while sleeping it cuts oxygen off from our body, it also causes the brain fog, heart attacks, diabetes, falling asleep while driving,etc..........
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    I was just diagonoised with sleep apnea. And I did not have a clue I had it other then I am tired all of the time. I also have FMS. I have not yet picked up my CPAP machine as I am in the middle of transfering insurances. I had a split test and she said if I did not wake up with the mask on I may not have it and I did not wake up with it on however, I was not forutnate as it showed in the test that I had significate sleep apnea with 42% arousal in stage 2 and 32% in stage five with 24 arousals in stage five and 10 in stage two. As far as I knew with the exception of getting up to go to the bathroom I slept at night. After she hooked me up within the first five minutes I had the wires pulled out of my legs and one out of my head so she taped me up pretty good after that. I had difficulty falling a sleep which she did tell me was not a good sign. Anyway the test is worth you doing does that mean you do not have FMS too well that is up for debate as I have all of the points that indicate I have FMS and I have progressed over the years. If she does not believe you have it and you believe you do don't waist anymore time with her. Also if you can not connect with your dr on a emotional level it would be better if you get another dr. but ask if they treat someone that is chronically ill.
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    The only thing that impairs my sleep is severe pain. Just Sunday night I was up in the recliner sitting on a heating pad, legs felt like they were broke...awful pain. But I take a xanax that my psych. perscribed to help me sleep and I will take a muscle relaxer on nights the pain is so bad. I don't think I have sleep apnea but I guess it is best to check. Instead of having this neurologist check me I will just get my local dr. check me. Right now my pain is really intense since I have been back in the gym. I have weight to lose and need a healthy heart. I have a special needs daughter that I need to take care for a long time. I need to healthy so I can do this. But in return I suffer so much pain.

    Thanks for the advice.