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    I have just been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Muscles relaxants and sedatives are NOT recommended as they worsen the condition of sleep apnea. However, NO BODY so far will tell me what I can take - if anything - so I'm left in the dark here. It will be monthes before I see a specialist and in the meantime I would really appreciate any information anyone can give me. Since finding out I have sleep apnea, I have had several allergic response to medicine I used to take. I tried one anti-depressant that super-reved me instead of relaxining me. I know that may sound nice for a change, I was overly-driven and anxious on that anti-depressent. Then some extreme dizziness convinced me to go off it. My doctors don't feel comfortable prescribing anything at the present time. If anyone has any experience with Sleep Apnea and Fibro. I would love to hear from you.
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    Hi Marcie,
    I don't have answers, but I think I have the same problem. My neuro, who also is the best Sleep Disorder neuro in town, thinks I probably have Sleep Apnea, but I can't get tests for months, either. Meanwhile, my rheumatologist (I have MS and Fibro, so I get to see two specialists), says I'm not getting to that Stage 4 sleep, and prescribed Ambien. Now, do I take it and take a chance that I don't have Sleep Apnea, or do I not take it and deal with the pain from the Fibro as best as I can? I wish there were answers for us. The only answer I've gotten from anyway so far is to try meditation and aromatherapy. Hasn't worked for me so far. I'd be interested in knowing what anyone else knows about this, too.
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    fibro and sleep apena. I have had the sleep studies done by the "best doc in town" and I currently take an anti-depressant during the day, take Zanaflex (muscle relaxers) at night to sleep, as well as sleep with a CPAP machine.

    Sleeping with the CPAP has made a world of difference in my sleep! It's a little hard to get used to, but once you get used to it, it's a dream!!!

    I also have oxygen hooked up to my CPAP at night, but then I had just the oxygen before I started using the CPAP.

    The CPAP is also a MUST for me, because not having a continous postive airway at night was causing me to go into congestive heart failure. I found this out last year when I went into the hospital for CHF. Then they ordered the CPAP and everything has been fine since!

    Hope this info has helped.

    P.S. My internist, sleep dr., rheumy, nor my cardiologist have told me to discontinue the antidepressant or the Zanaflex.

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