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    I was wondering if anyone here also has sleep apnea along with CFS? I have both, but am scared to get the surgery. I had my wisdom teeth out last novemeber and am now in a horrible relapse again. I am scared that if I get the surgery to correct sleep apnea that I will not make it because I feel so sick and weak. Any suggestions??

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    Hi Andrea,

    I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea & Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS). Mine is being successfully treated by using a CPAP machine every night. Have you been told the only way to treat your Apnea is surgery?!

    From what I have read on another Sleep Disorder site I visit, the surgery is certainly no easy fix. Many times, it fails to correct the problem. But I don't know your specific diagnosis.

    Did you have a Sleep Study done?

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    I have mild sleep apnea, and tried to use a CPAP. When i was on it i woke up gasping for air!! Now that i am not using it i wake up , but am not gasping for air. The doctors recommended surgery because my pressure only had to be set at 8, and they say that my tonsils are enlarged and I have a small air hole. I am just horrified about it because I am scared that I won't recover.
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    Obviously, I don't know your entire situation...Hopefully, you are working with a good Sleep Clinic and supply company which provides your CPAP equipment. I know from my own experience that it takes A LOT of trial & error to find just the right mask and settings.

    Do you have a self-adjusting CPAP machine? These are great because they start out at a certain pressure & go up or down all night long, depending upon your body's need. Mine is currently set to fluctuate between 5 & 20. When you say that you woke up gasping for air with the CPAP, it might indicate that the pressure was not high enough to overcome the apnea episode.

    Does your CPAP machine have a computer Smart Card? This gives the Sleep Clinic exact information on your sleep...How many Apnea episodes you have & if the pressure is enough to correct it.

    I also had to try quite a few masks to get the right one for me. Thankfully, I'm working with a supply company that is helpful & understanding! Of course, that's their job.

    Before you go for any surgery; I'd recommend getting at least a second opinion. It will help you decide if surgery is truly your only option. It could be that your enlarged tonsils are making it too difficult to treat you with CPAP. I'm certainly no expert! But if it were me; I'd consider surgery a last resort. Then again; the surgery might be pretty minor? I can certainly understand you are fearful of having another setback.

    Best wishes to you. I hope that your Apnea can be successfully treated in the best way...with as little stress as possible to you & your body.


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