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    Hi! I am new to this board but not to fibro I have Lupus and Fibrao along with other dx's. I was wondering if sleep apnea can be caused by Fibro??? Sleep apnea runs in my family and my husband and kids say that I snore terribly and grasp for air I sometimes wake myself up.
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    Hi...from what I have read some doctors seem to think that Fibro MAY be from sleep problems such as apnea. This is one theory...not that the Fibro causes the apnea. I have Fibro and Apnea as well..I had the apnea before the Fibro. As far as sleep problems causing Fibro, I think apnea may be a factor that worsens the symptoms of Fibro but perhaps not opinion. You should definitely look into getting a sleep study done and you may be prescibed a C-PAP helps me sleep. My apnea is so bad that without the machine I have several hundred episodes a night when my breathing completely stops, and at times my blood oxygen would drop into the 60', that can't be healthy for the body, especially the entire body is suffocating.
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    Welcome to our FMily.

    Which comes first sleep apnea or FM could be the same as
    the chicken or the egg in my opinion.

    In my opinion FM causes a total body deconditioning, so
    if a person has FM for a lengthy time it would not surprise
    me that their throat could be deconditioned to the point
    of apneas occuring.

    Either one can come first is my thinking. The important
    thing is to be checked and to treat the apneas if they
    are occuring.

    My FM came first followed by sleep apnea. I was checked
    for sleep apnea before being diagnoses FM/CFS. The apnea
    came 6 years later.

    Good luck and again welcome.

    This is just one bears opinion.

    Gentle bear hugs

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    I don't know which came first, the chicken or the egg.

    Yes I have both those diagnosis. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea before the fibro. I use a cpap machine every night. My sleep study also mentioned I have a alpha delta sleep pattern.

    I started cpap in 2004. My severe pain which eventually led to diagnosis of FM was in 2005. I believe I've had a mild case of FM for years. I just did not have the intense pain.