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    i have a sleep study in about 2 weeks and i am really looking forward to going. i want to know if anyone has or had the same sympthoms that i do. i wanke up dizzy and my whole body tingling. my hands and legs esp. i woke up about 10 min ago and i was tingling and dizzy. i went to the bath room and as usualy in the mirror my face is flushed and my lips looked and no normal tint. usually i only get this bad when i have a lil bit of congestion. but its becoming a nightly problem. i really am becoming scared to sleep because i dont like the way this makes me feel. anyone gone through similar?
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    are similar .. but when I sleep on one side, it will become numb, then I turn on the other side until it becomes numb!

    I had a sleep study which showed sleep apena.

    I now sleep with a CPAP machine that is connected to an oxygen concentrator -- so the oxygen is piped into my CPAP breathing machine. It works great and I finally have a good night's sleep!

    Have you had your test yet? What were the results?