sleep apnea?

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    aeveral times over the last couple weeks, i have woken up at night in the middle of a sharp intake of breath. does this sound like sleep apnea? or can anyone tell me what might be going on?

    i don't have the sensation of having an obstruction.

    i am dealing with mold exposure and the whole gamut of symptoms that go with it. previously i have not experienced muc in the way of respiratory symptoms - they have been more neurological. lately it does seem my breathing is a bit more labored, but not enough that i feel like i can officially call it another symptom. i've moved to a friend's house that seems to be better than mine was. i don't see mold anywhere and the walls are slump block.

    talking to a doctor about the sleep thing is not my first choice. i don't have health insurance and the local clicnic has done nothing but cause me grief. i need to figure this out myself.
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    Hi Lostleaf,

    My dad has sleep apnea so I have studied this subject in detail.

    You might want to ask someone to observe you when you sleep. If you have pauses in your breathing , sudden gasping for breath many times in the night - that could point to sleep apnea. Other indicators are feeling very sleepy in the day, getting up in the night to pee much more often, high blood pressure etc.

    You could buy a simple pulse oximeter and connect it to your finger when you sleep and ask someone to watch the readings - I think if they go below 88-90 then it is an indication you may have apnea and you must do a sleep study to find that out.

    In India, they come home and do the sleep study - it is a simple thing - they attach some small machines on you and you have to sleep that night with them and in the morning you have your readings.

    If one has sleep apnea - it is a serious thing if left untreated - the treatment is a simple one of wearing a CPAP machine when one sleeps - the consequences of letting sleep apnea untreated can be deadly.

    There is a very helpful and informative sleep apnea forum called cpap chat or something like that if you google it. You can ask more there.

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    Have you done readings , using your dental device ? Are the AHI's within limits ?
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    I don't know how old you are or if you are a female, however, I went through this for about two years, on and off, while I was going through perimenopause. Touch wood, it seems to have gone away since becoming post-meno.
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    Hi Everyone-

    Thanks for your responses. Deepak - a pulse oximeter is a good, more affordable first step than a doc + CPAP. Thanks for the idea.

    TigerLilea - I'm 43, which I guess is on the outer edge of perimenopause? My hormones are so messed up from low MSH that maybe it could be due to sex hormones even if I'm not in perimenopause yet.

    My therapist suggested the problem might also be a reaction to what's up in my subconscious. I do know that I have gone through far, far more in the two months since my diagnosis than I am even close to capable of processing consciously. So... maybe.

    I haven't had another waking episode that I am aware of since I wrote my first post, so I'm hopeful that whatever was up has resolved itself. A doc + treatment just isn't in my budget.