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    I have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea. One month on the CPAP with Heated humidifier setting 9. The first 2 weeks seem to work well. I now am experiencing some problems very similar to sleeping with out the CPAP. Also, when I wake up have experience a funny smell for about 20 minutes. ANY SUGGESTIONS? NEW MASK OR NOSONEX OR ANOTHER SLEEP STUDY WITH MY EQUIPMENT?
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    Hi bam bam

    You and I sound like twins............

    I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago and got CPAP April 7.....
    Well......I had strictly a nose mask......worked ok for a while and then same thing was happening.....actually my sinus /nasal passages were shutting close totally so i couldnt breath probably due to that hurricane blowing up my nose !!!!!!!
    Anyway....yesterday they just gave me a full face mask which I THINK is going to be much easier to be able to open mouth etc......

    I too am at 9 and have heated humidifier........I keep the setting only at 1 for the humidifier......maybe that is your problem???? I dont notice a smell afterwards.......when I start up I do.......
    Are you using distilled water ???
    Are you washing mask daily in like a ivory detergent ???

    I am curious what prompted your sleep study in the first place???
    My Dr seems to think it will be my cure all but I am beginning to doubt it !!!!! For 1 month of having it I only have used it 38 hours so am disgusted at this point..The full face mask made noises last night and is defective so couldnt use it either the whole night so am turning it in today for a new one.
    My Dr suggested using a product called "Simply Saline" to keep nose moist and misted.......
    It seems like a good product but I was WAY BEYOND that !!!!

    I live in the west coast so my study was done here in California @ Pacific Sleep about you ???
    Were you happy with your sleep center ???
    sure expensive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My email is
    would like to keep in touch to see each others success or troubles w/this contraption !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I just went yesterday for my first consultation with the Sleep center here in Southern Alabama. My family doctor and husband thinks I have sleep apnea. When I talked to the sleep doctor tho she seemed to agree with me that they have me on way too much muscle relaxers, but she is afraid to take me off them. So she is going to talk to my family doctor and my nuerosurgeon to play it safe and run the sleep test to cover her! She says it is highly unlikely at my age but to play it safe she would sleep better, oh well insurance will pay for it so what is another D**N visit to the doctor, will only be the 7th doctor I will see this month! Hope you two get yourselves balaced out tho! Good Luck...Snoopy!
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