Sleep Deprivation & Inflammation

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    On "The View" the other day, one of their regular docs on the show (sorry I didn't get his name) did a segment on sleep deprivation. He was talking about healthy individuals who are trying to get by on six, rather than eight, hours of sleep.

    The most fascinating thing I got from this is that sleep deprivation causes inflammation in the arteries and can even produce inflammation in the heart. Perhaps this is why anti-inflammatories do help some of us to feel better despite the fact that ours are not considered inflammatory illnesses. Of course, I believe that anything which causes pain usually produces inflammation in nearby tissues. Just my humble opinion.

    I think this alone is reason enough for us to get control over our sleep issues. The doc said that just getting two hours less sleep per night shortens lifespan in healthy individuals.

    He went into the other things which mimic our illnesses that affect healthy people who are sleep deprived. He said that these people get drunk on much less alcohol than people who get eight good hours of sleep each night. Perhaps this explains our intolerance to alcohol. I know that now, one beer or glass of wine will do for me what two used to do. Ha! I'm a cheap drunk :)

    I believe we should do whatever it takes to correct our sleep problems and not stop until we have accomplished this. Klonopin has been my God send, but it doesn't work for everyone. Some have gotten relief with Elavil, but it didn't work for me. Some have had to have sleep studies done to determine their problems. Some have sleep apnea and must use the CPAP machines. If we are diligent, we will most likely find a way to improve our sleep.

    The ZMA sold here helps with sleep and works just fine with medications.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Mikie

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    Thanks for all the hints. We should not watch disturbing TV before bed (lots of luck with that one :), exercise late in the day, or drink excessively.

    There are good meditation CD's out there which help us develop delta sleep during the night.

    Wearing socks if our circulation isn't good will help too.

    Let's hear from our members. What do y'all do to help you sleep better.

    Love, Mikie
  3. shazz

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    I don't get much sleep anyhow, but after a night of virtually no sleep, my joints hurt BADLY. Especially my hips and knees ache. It probably is due to the inflammatory effect you speak of in your post.
    I have always been that way though, even when I could sleep OK years and years ago, a short night would cause my hips to ache like crazy the next day. A night of drinking would do the same thing, because when you drink too much you may pass out easy enough but the sleep is not quality at all.
    Oh how I remember some of those awful next days.
    But back then it was all worth it. I found out recently it is not anymore.
    You learn something new every day about this DD.
    Too bad our doctors don't hang out here, I believe it would be great education for most of them.


  4. victoria

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    "White noise" always helps me sleep in strange places, in fact, the more noise the better as long as it's constant. The two places I've slept the best were in NYC (hotel was kitty-corner to Madison Squ. Garden), and Paris, both place with the windows open!. On the other hand, my poor girlfriends had a hard time sleeping due to the noise, and were ready to buy earplugs...

    When I have a hard time sleeping at home even tho I use a fan and often an air filter too, I listen to cassette tapes - the more boring the better -- like philosophy. I'm usually asleep within 10 --15 minutes, but often awaken when the tape shuts off, and return to sleep if I start it again. (think I need to record an endless loop tape for those times, LOL)

    It's interesting that others have reported that what amounts to 'white noise' help them sleep as well... but don't know what it means. Maybe that our brains are somehow overstimulated, even tho we might be cognitively impaired? Maybe that's why Klonopin helps so many (me included)?

  5. judywhit

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    heated mattress pad.....I love/adore it!!! Got the idea to purchase one from this site. I feel like a queen when my joints hurt so and I am able to turn the pad up and just melt into the bed. Wonderful!! Also elavil is my Godsend! thanks to Jelly for reminding me of this wonder sleep pill.
  6. nickname

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    ......problems has been a huge part in my recovery process.My brain never went to sleep for six years, plus I now have an inflammatory problem, and am totally intolerant to alcohol - perhaps sleep deprivation has been part of the cause.
    Here's my routine:
    Take Trimipramine (Surmontil) 20mg at 8pm.
    Turn TV off about 10.30.
    Do the 'beauty' routine, including massaging neck & shoulders with oil, then massage my feet which I love, and put on socs to keep warm.
    Take magnesium.
    Plump and arrange all my pillows to support head, hips and legs.
    Read beautiful spiritual books till eyes get tired.
    Listen to relaxation tapes - Deepak Chopra does it for me.
    When I feel it is time for sleep, I put in ear plugs/open window/pull down blind/shut all doors and turn off all lights so it is pitch black.
    Take Zolpidem (Ambien) 7.5mg.
    Husband and cats sleep in spare room!
    Everyone knows not to open my door till I have personally made an appearance the next day - regardless of the time!!

    Well, thats me -

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  7. bakron

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    If I get off of my "routine," I can feel it the next day. The break from routine throws off my medication regimen, which devastates the “good night” sleep, that I desperately need/require.

    Here's what I do:

    § 7:00 PM take my Celexa
    § 8:00 PM take my Ultracet
    § 10:00 PM take my Neurontin

    By 10:30 PM, I'm "sawing logs." Wake up at 6:15 AM and take my AM medication and prepare so that I may get to work by 7:00 AM.

    I like to get to bed earlier, but I find that if I do that, I just can't fall to sleep. If I'm up later for any reason, I have to skip the 10:00 PM Neurontin and my routine is totally messed up.

    Other things that I love to do but not always have enough time for are things that have been mentioned; like use my massager on my upper back/neck, lotion and massage my feet, etc. <b>A nice hot bath is soothing before hopping into bed. I will do that if at all possible around 10 after the Neurontin.</b>

    <b><u>I don't drink alcohol at all at night, and stay away from caffeine as much as possible.</u></b> I’m also starting with our new health club/gym in town following my doc’s recommendation. I can only walk and not lift more than 20 lbs. Exercise is also supposed to help those of us with the "DD." I'll let you know how the excercise works in about 2 months after I'm in "the routine" once again.
  8. Mikie

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    It shows a little face not unlike our emoticons here obviously trying to wake up. It says, "Pour the coffee and back away slowly!" This has nothing to do with getting a better night's sleep except I really love some of my nightshirts and jammies and always sleep better in them. Sleeping nude is good too.

    Love, Mikie
  9. zggygirl

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    Sorry I don't have any good input. I can sleep if I take meds., but I can't find a combo that doesn't make me feel exhausted the next day.
    I don't "perk up" until about 5pm., and then can't sleep until one.
    Okay I'll stop this as it is not helpful suggestions :)
    Just please keep posting.
    I did read all the ones for AC77 and I'm still trying :)
    Oh, I have to add this, I now have Piliated <SP?> wood-peckers waking me up early in the morning while the "eat" my house! Haven't figured out a way to eliminate that one!