Sleep Deprivation

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    Are any of you always sleep deprived. I've been on some meds that have made me very tiresome but for some odd reason I can't sleep hardly at all which isn't really better than before. I don't know if CFIDS and not sleeping have anything in common. I just want to hear your side on sleep deprivation to see if I could understand where you are coming from so I could have something to compare it to. Let me know what you think on the subject.


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    Taking healthy individuals and depriving them of sleep will produce the symptoms of CFIDS. Most with FMS/CFIDS have some kind of sleep disorder or other problems which interferes with sleep.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Shirl

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    Please go read; 'Bedtime Energy Blues' posted by; 'Megster', it has some wonderful information on sleep.

    I also had the problem, and posted there what helped me, so did a lot of others.

    Good luck...............

    Shalom, Shirl
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    For over 20 years was not only having problems with sleep, both with going off to sleep and waking abruptly, but was aware had no quality of sleep either.

    Though not perfect now it's the best it's been and I now know the difference between the symptoms of marked and prolonged sleep deficit and the fatighue of CFS.

    It took 10 months of trial and error on my part and my GP (PCP) and my own experimentation to get things as they are now.

    I found sedating anti-depressants worked a bit, but not enough; however, they made my cognitive impairment worse. At times they would make me feek very ill indeed. Despite my own experience they are a much favoured means of improving sleep.

    Sleep problems are common in both CFS and FM, I know that lack of sleep was worsening my condition.

    Hope you get some useful messages.

    Good luck


    I now use zopiclone and high doses of valerian. When I need to use baclofen it seems to further aid my sleep too.

    I personally believe this is a very important aspect of CFS that should be treated, without it rest and repair are impaired.
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    Love the nickname (so will my daughter - an avid F1 supporter - when I tell her. :-})

    My sleep problems have improved greatly recently. I can now sleep for blocks of a few hours at a time. However, I had really bad sleep deprivation problems for many years. I don't know what brought about the improvement and even now I'd give a whole lot for a night of unbroken sleep and to wake feeling refreshed.

    Sleep problems go hand in hand with FMS, CFS, CFIDS, and ME.