Sleep Diagnosis in Fibro

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    Hi I haven't been here for a while but am still battling with this disease. I live in Sydney Australia and from what I can see this disease has the medical profession baffled especially as to how to treat the various symptoms. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 37 years but this fibro has me beaten. The fatigue has been terrible and life is always on hold. Pain meds don't seem to help and I really don't want to be drugged to get rid of the pain and then not able to function at all. I have had a sleep test done and that was a surprise as it was found that I was having a large number of arousals during the night without even being aware - I was not getting the restorative sleep that we need! I am on different meds at present and have just been given a drug called Modivigil to try - it's used by shift workers to help them stay alert. It seems the effect of this tablet also depends on the severity of my symptoms on the day I take it - I have been told I could take it everyday but worry about adding another drug. I took one tablet on waking in morning and was more alert but couldn't sleep the next night until about 4a.m. so I felt dreadful that day. Am now trying 1/2 tab to see how I go. Is there anyone else out there who may have had a sleep test with the same result. I don't usually have trouble getting to sleep and seem to sleep alnight (or so I thought) but not going into deep sleep. Any tips or help would be welcome. Thanks Mellow

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