Sleep Disorders Classification

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  1. Marvin123

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    Hello everyone,

    This is the place where we discuss about sleep disorders or conditions and share our opinions and thoughts because we are the one who suffer with these problems and help each other. Part of the way in which we provide this needed support is to forward comments, other useful resources, in addition to provide words of support and empathy for our fellow suffers based on our own experience and knowledge.

    As the part for this support and empathy I want to share this information with you. Which could be very useful for us.

    Thank you, I will be waiting for you replies.

  2. maggiemae55

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    I just got results of my sleep study and they are coming out tomorrow to set up CPAP. I will go tho your website and further educate myself!

    Thanks again for posting this,

  3. Marvin123

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    Hey Maggie,

    How is your sleep going on now, are you comfortable with CPAP? Is it giving you any trouble, because it takes some time to get used to CPAP? I hope you don’t have any problems with CPAP,

    Have a nice day and good sleep,