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    Hiya all
    Sorry I have still not managed to read through all the posts yet, so my apologies if someome has already started this thread before. Have any of you noticed a decline in your partners sleep as well as your own?....I was quite shocked as yesterday my husband said he really could not face work because he was so tired, now that's not like him, I asked if he knew why he felt this way and he said yes it's basically because you keep waking me during the night with your constant movements...any suggestions??
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    Have you had a sleep study? It sounds like you may have Restless Legs Syndrome or at least need some of the meds that will help you get and stay in the deep, healing sleep. Sleep disturbances in FM seem to be at least partially related to the brain being overactive and jolting you out of the deeper sleep. When you actually get to dreaming, everything freezes except for breathing, so what does that say about your sleep?

    I hope you have a rheumy who addresses sleep problems or sends you to a sleep specialist.
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    I have to be honest I really do not have a lot of hope for our gps or anyone else really when it comes to this condition, I am not even under a specialist or anything I was just given meds to take and basically told to get on with it. I am going to make a trip back to the gp next week as I am having a lot of swelling in my right knee and this sleep problem is getting worse instead of better...thanks for your reply it's very much appreciated.
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    I love being with my husband. But about 4 years ago, we found bedrooms t hat are separate the best solution for my sleeping problems affecting him/

    Good luck, Tania