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    I went to the sleep doctor today. It was the most curious thing.This was my third visit. on the first he didn't do anything but ask what meds i was on and say i needed a sleep study. so i had the sleep study and he said i had sleep apnea. I never slept during the study but he said i woke up 22 times an hour. On the second visit he said i needed a cpap machine and sent me for the second study. So i went and again i didn't sleep. the tech said according to the machines monitoring me a had a wonderful sleep. i clearly remember going over what i had to do later that day and making a grocery list and I knew at what time my quia wore off and thought "gee it must be about One". I know i was wide awake. there was a horrible thunderstorm outside and i could hear it and so on.

    So today at my third visit i sat there listening to what he was going on in the office. There's 6 waiting rooms. He walked down the lil hallway with his perscript pad saying "you need a cpap, you need a cpap, you need a cpap". when he came into my room he started the same thing. I asked about the test results and he told me he couldn't discuss them. According to our state law a doctor must tell the patient and explain to them any test results until they completely understand them. he just said that i have sleep apnea and that i need a cpap machine. I told him that my misdiagnosed sinus infection was gone and i was taking 400mg of guai everyday before i go to sleep and i wanted to try that because it was less expensive for me. He got really defensive and said "we are through here, please do not come back!" Nice doctor huh?

    Makes me wonder how many ppl are told they have sleep apnea that can be helped without the cpap. I do know for my sister it was a miracle but they tried everything else on her first. For me it was the first thing they went to and being in the fog i followed it until I started to get a hint of what was going on.

    I also forgot that on my second visit he told me that fm does not exist and all of my problems are that i'm over weight and I'm a prime canidate for bariatric surgery and he had a friend that specializes in it. that really made me mad and i blew up on him and got a referral to a rheumy which i get to go to next week.

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    that you've had a lot of visits, but not a lot of time to ask questions of the doctor. My husband was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and got a CPAP. He used it for two weeks, and now he's quit using it and is seriously trying to lose weight so he won't have to use it anymore. I don't know if the doc would approve, but that's what he's doing. I guess now is a good time for me to lose weight too. Hope you can get some better sleep- Terri
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    If you do not already have them, ask for a copy of the results from your two sleep studies. They will (should!) have the percentages of time you spent in each level of sleep and show oxygen levels, limb twitches, etc. At the very least you should get these so you can pass on the results to a doctor that takes you more seriously.

    I've had two sleep studies also. It is not that hard to understand the interpretation with a little research. BTW, I could have sworn I was awake for most of my first study. But I was really going in and out of stages 1 and 2 and REM sleep. It would be interesting to see your results during the titration study and compare them to the first study.