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    GB it is known that people with CFS have a delayed melatonine release that is causing the weird sleeping hours.
    There is a talk about it on the scientists for patients videos.

    I'm not quite sure in which video the melatonine was described but here are the CFS sleep related talks.

    In this webinar Dr. Julia Newton talks about ME and sleep.

    0.24 What kind of sleep disorders do you find in ME? How can they be dealt with?
    2.50 Which bodily functions are involved in sleep disorders in ME?
    3.41 How to deal with sleeplessness in ME?
    4.34 What causes extreme sweating at night?

    Six answers of Prof. Dr. K. De Meirleir to questions about sleep, pain and nightmares.

    00:17 What's the scientific explanation for patients feeling better in the evening than in the morning?
    01:40 In web seminar 4, "ME and Sleep Disorders", you say: "Patients go to sleep later and later". Is this caused by the poor quality of sleep, or by lack of melatonin...?
    02:25 What's the cause of ME patients having so many nightmares? Is it neurochemical or psychological?
    03.26 What's the probable cause of pain?
    04:18 Is it possible to objectify pain? Can you influence the pain by thinking differently?
    05:11 What's the cause of the epileptic-like shocks within the bodies of ME patients?

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