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  1. brock

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    I am getting some testing done at a sleep lab next week. Can anyone tell me what I might expect?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Shalala

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    I just had that done Mon & Tues this week. It takes a while for them to "wire you up" and if you are chemical sensitive let them know before they start ;-) . Then you lay on a bed on your back and you have a camera watching you and microphones ... and you try to go to sleep. I must have laid there overe an hour before i was out. She woke me up at 3:30 am for something and then i couldn't go back to sleep ... Night 2 you go through all of that wiring up again and this time you get to try differeent masks with the cpap. I slept really well until she woke me up at 3:45 am and once again ... I could not go back to sleep. I have significant apnea :-( . I am supposed to get my machine tomorrow (the sleep clinic rushed the order because I am that bad). It doesn't hurt. I was really tired for the next 2 days.

    (((((((((((( good luck )))))))))))
  3. Susan07

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    I just went thru that.

    Were loose fitting jammies. I took an oversized t-shirt and wore men's flannel bottoms. No make-up, lotions, etc. Leave jewelry etc. at home.

    Where I went they said you could bring a movie, which I did, but didn't have time to watch because they wanted me to watch their documentary. Which was fine because I couldn't seem to concentrate on anything else.

    It takes close to an hour to attach all the electrodes to you. Be sure to have a camera or a cell phone camera to take your picture - cause it's a hoot!

    I kept a cell phone nearby and called my hubby to calm my nerves since I was sleeping away from home.

    Don't plan on going out to breakfast the next morning cause your hair will be a mess! They gave us coupons for breakfast but then didn't have a great place to shower so what the heck. (They had sewage type problems and the bathrooms did not smell well!) You may want to ask if there is one available before hand.

    I slept about 5-6 hrs and woke up once in between to go to the bathroom. That's when the modest pj's come in handy!

    Overall it was okay, since I have mild sleep apnea I had to go back for a 2nd sleep so they could adjust the C-PAP machine to order what would work for me.

    I was in quite a bit of pain since I was in a strange bed. I took my 4 pillows with me. And with the machine and wires hooked to you you don't feel like moving around as much. But for 1 or 2 nights - I lived through it.

    I did find out I only have 30 seconds of Stage 4 sleep which my neurologist told me, not the sleep people. I didn't know enough to ask the right questions!

    Take care I hope this helps.
  4. Shalala

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    i thought nite 2 would be better on the select comfort ... but i was in pain after that too
  5. lillyrose33

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    I guess it depends on where you go to have your test done. The place I went to was great, comfortable queen beds and big lounge chairs...slept better than I have for years.
    The goop is bad and loose fitting pj's is a good idea and I took my on pillows.
    It took about a half hour or so to hook me up and there are a few wires which are connected to your face and head but, they are small and I was able to move freely even in bed. I was so afraid I would pull them off but they are on good.
    I was told that they wanted me to move and change my positons so there is no problem with moving. There was a rest room in my room and when ever you have to go you just have to call out you have to go and they come and unhook you.
    I could watch tv, read what ever....I did have to watch a film on Sleep Apnea, which was educational but didn't help the nerves.
    I watched tv till I was tired and turned it off and went to sleep. They did come in through the night to check on things but I barely remember it. I did have to wear a strap around my waist and chest but it wasn't bad. All in all not as bad as I had least that part of it. Hope your experience is as good as mine was. Hope all turns out good for you.