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    Hi guys,
    it's 3 20am here in the UK, been awake since 2 30am.
    got to be at work for 6 am.
    i just can't believe i can hurt in so many places at once,pain killers haven't kicked in yet, you name it and i have a pain there although pain doesn't quite describe it does it.
    having I B S doesn't help cos whatever sleepies i take upset my stomach, yes even homeopathics.
    idon't know about you guys but this is the most depressing time of day for me,sitting here alone with my pain at 3 30 on a sunday morning isn't the best way to start the day is it? Sorry just feeling blue and sorry for myself,i'll get over it once the painies kick in.Anyone got any non drug related sleeping tips,yes i've tried banging my head against the wall but that keeps the neighbours awake too.well so long for now guys time for another hot tea to wake up my system.

    love and peaceful nights to the rest of you, AL
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    I truly sympathize with anyone who has to work with this DD but at lease you haven't lost your sense of humor. Wouldn't it be great if we could just plug in like Seven on Star Trek Voyeger? I sometimes hate going to bed - it brings the monsters of this DD out.

    Another thing that helps me is a adding powdered magnesium product called CALM in some nighttime tea. You can buy online - do a search for natural calm magnesium powder.

    Hope this helps and best wishes for a good night.
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    While I am lucky that I usually sleep well I have had times of being up in the middle of the night knowing I had to go to work and function. It is a terrible feeling.

    I don't have any answers for you but wanted you to know that I do understand.

    Take care
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    Sleep is so essential with these disorders, its when repair and restoration take place (in stage 4), so it should definitely be a priority.

    Californian Poppy, Passion Flower, Hops, Valerian, and Wild Lettuce are good herbal treatments for insomnia. One can find a mixture of these in the form of teas, tablets, etc.

    Hops should be avoided if depressed. Excesses in Wild Lettuce can actually increase insomnia, lower doses can cause sleepiness--avoid driving until you are sure of your reaction. High doses of Passion Flower should be avoided in pregnancy. Valerian use should not exceed more than 2-3 weeks, without a break as headaches and palpitations can occur. Also be careful if you are taking any other sleep inducing drugs. I would include any drugs that act on the CNS for that matter.

    IBS can be helped (I have symptoms very rarely now) by the use of Berberine Complex, to clear fungal and non-beneficial bacteria, after which time probiotics (beneficial flora), are taken for life. Quality probiotics require refrigeration to assure the acidolphilus and bifidobacterium are alive and viable.

    It will also help to quit chocolate, sweets, lower carbohydrate and dairy product intake, which cause mucous production. Soy milk and whole wheat products are recommended unless there is known allergy. Herbs to help regulate body fluids, tone the stomach, and astringe the system are: cinnamon and agrimony.
    For nausea--dried ginger capsules, do not use if ulcers present.

    I was not afforded relief by herbal remedies for insomnia, as I was for IBS, and after going through alot of trial and error with prescription sleep aids, developing tolerances quickly and having to discontinue some, I am taking Ambien, now, and I haven't sleep this well in such a long time. I have definitely noticed a difference within the last week (when I began this RX) in the way I feel when waking, and throughout the day. Quality sleep definitely makes a difference. I will probably be able to use for a short time, and when tolerance occurs, search for another. The benefits of managing this symptom are wonderful, as well as necessary, in my opinion.

    Best wishes,