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    Hi there. I am new to all of this but should have started along time ago. Does anyone have good ideas for sleep medicine at night? I have had fibro and cfs for 25 years. I could use some help.
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    I'm kinda new here too and sleep has always been poke and hope for me. The medication I take is Konopin. I've been on for the last 6 years seems to work pretty good. Unless I'm in a manic phase...then NOTHING helps! I've used Klonopin AND an over-the-counter sleep med, and it hasn't worked sometimes.

    With FMS, it seems like not much works consistantly for any symptom for me.

    Have a happy hollyday!
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    I have had fibro /cfs for 20 yrs.

    The last five years I have had insomia and usually sleep 4-5 hours every 4-5 days. So, I am really sleep deprived which makes all my symptoms worse and my pain level really high.

    I have had 2 sleep studies to test for sleep apena, but never slept long enough for them to get a good test reading.
    I have taken every sleep medicaiton know to doctors. Some of them will work for me for about 2-3 weeks resulting in a few nights of 4 or 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Then, they stopped working for me. I don't know if my body builds up an immunity against it; or what?

    I wish I had some information that would be of help to you, but I don't. This site is wonderful and if you read a lot of the post you will find out valueable information to help you help yourself. Helping ourselves is what we all have to the medical commumity has nothing to offer us, except to go from one doctor to another and from one medication to the next. I can't count all the medications I have purchased only to be told on my next visit to stop that medication and start this one.
    I wish you a good night's sleep for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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    snowbird: I have been on 200mg Lamictal and 50mg Trazadone at night for sleep and also use a CPAPmachine every night. I get a sound sleep. LaVada
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    I take 5-HTP. It is a supplement that you can get at the health food store or over the web. It helps with the serotonin level in the brain. I also take prescription medication, Ambien. However, I need less Ambien when I take 5-HTP.
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    Have you started a treatment program? If so, your dr should be able to prescribe what will help you. My wife used Ambien for a long time, but it finally became useless for her, as it didn't provide the "deep" sleep she needed, and it left her with "morning after" effects. Her physician now prescribes sodium oxybate which works well; she can now get some quality sleep and rest. But this may not be the best for you. Talk with your PCP, he/she should know what's best for your condition.
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    If you haven't had a sleep study, that might be a good place to start. A lot of folks with FM have sleep apnea, which only lends to the "Mack Truck" morning syndrome.

    Ambien seems to be a good sleep aid, but there are many other meds. Your doc will need to decide on that, depending on what other meds you are taking.

    In addition, there are studies for drugs being used to help the quality of sleep, i.e., Stage IV healing sleep. My rheumy is especially involved in those - pramipexole (Mirapex), which has been used for restless legs, may be a substantial help. Also ropinerole (Requip) is being studied more widely for that type of benefit. Not all rheumies (or sleep specialists) subscribe to that theory, but it seems to make sense that if the brain keeps bumping you out of Stage IV, your body isn't getting the chance to recuperate.

    It's hard to know from your post what your problem with sleep IS! Would you care to elaborate?
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    Finally I have slept, really slept for the last 6 nights!!! It has been over 3 years and I am joyous. I was able to go to sleep but I was awake soon after. I have severe restless legs verified by a sleep study. I began Mirapex but can only take a low dose because I have severe side effects if the medication is increased. Heat was an issue. I stay so hot and every time the heat came on I woke. If they wasn't happening it was the pain that keep me awake. Usually it was all of the above ...I forgot the GERD...that made nights h***. There was no place to find rest and you guys know how it goes. No sleep-more pain-more fatigue- more depression. Klonopion, Trazodone & Oxycontin were added. But not until my Dr. added 50 mg of Lyrcia for me to try for the nerve pain did I sleep and I have slept ever since. I have been able to reduce the Trazodone & Klonopin and I still sleep. The first morning I slept until 10 am and the next day until 9 am.....not 2 am or 4 am. I am so happy with this new change. It has changed everything. I don't know if this would help anyone else but it has helped me but I guess if you think about it anyone taking that much medicine probably should not wake up. Ipray that it continues to work.
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    I have used Ambien for a year. My body has somewhat adapted to it, so my sleep is not deep like it was initially after taking it. My doctor, who is very conservative with her treatment, seems at a loss for what I can try next. I find that if I control the pain and pace myself, that my sleep is not affected as much.
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    I'll make sure to take this thread to the dotor with me with some stuff highlighted!
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    Is to go to the health food store and get a bottle of Valerian root. It is my sleep aid of choice as other prescribed drugs I had tried all had side effects that I didn't like and also stopped working after a period of time. Valerian has given me a good night sleep, with no grogginess or after effects. The only drawback is that after a month or 6 need to take a couple weeks off or it too loses effectiveness.