Sleep meds. Anyone else have this problem?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    I have been staying at my parents for the last month (I have my own house down the street). The reason. I have to take such strong meds to sleep (my doc says they would put most people in a coma) that when I was on a trip and I got up to go to the bathroom, I fell. I thought I only hurt my knee. (My friend had to help me back to bed - thank God I wasn't alone). The next day, I found all sorts of bumps and bruises. Some on each side of my head. I pieced it together and I think I bounced between the counter top outside the bathroom and the wall. (It's kind of a blur).

    It's happened a couple of times here too. I'm really afraid to be by myself. I usually don't have the presence of mind to carry a phone with me at night and I could be laying on the floor bleeding to death for hours before anyone would find me.

    Anyone have any suggestions. I know they have those buttons for old people but I have no idea how much they cost. Anyone use one of these?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. MelaC

    MelaC New Member

    Hi cjcookie, I am also on strong sleeping tablets. I used to be terrified of getting hurt once I have had them as I do things and have no recollection of doing them. Now I only take them when I am in bed and hubby and my boys make sure I don't get up. These medications can make you a danger risk to yourself.

    Firstly I suggest you should speak to the doctor who prescribed them and tell them what has been happening and your fears, maybe he can give you a lower dose or something else that doesn't put you in danger of injuring yourself.

    Secondly you will need someone to watch out for you at night once you have had your meds to make sure you don't hurt yourself.

    I had to try many different ones until we found one that was both safe and effective.

    Good luck I hope you get sorted soon.

  3. puffy1

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    Waht are you taking that would do that to you I have taken Lunesta it seems to work good for me for sleeping.

    I don't have any right now but my new doc put me back on the mussel relaxers and they would do that to me if I took the recomended dose.

    I only take 1/4 of one and I sleep most of the night
    along with an Advil.

  4. mbofov

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    Cjcookie - we got medical alarm pendants for our parents. You wear them either on your wrist or around your neck. The cost was $30 a month. They send you a machine which you install next to your phone and if you fall and can't get up, you press the button on your wrist or around your neck. It automatically calls the company who will talk to you through a speaker on the box installed by the phone. They will ask if you need help and call who you have designated or send an ambulance if necessasry. And if you press the button and they call and get no response from you, they automatically send help.

    We used a company called Connect America, (800) 9060-USA. We were happy with them, did not need a long-term contract, it was easy to cancel when we wanted.

  5. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    It took me and my doc over two years to find a combination that would get me to sleep and let me stay asleep for more than a couple of hours. I just hate to mess with that. I think the medic alert button thingy would be my best bet.

    I have been staying at my parents and will be moving in here after I sell my house. I just need a temporary fix. I cut out my home phone, though, to save money. Might have to change that.

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