Sleep meds that don't cause depression?

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  1. nerdieduckie

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    okay, so here I am with another sleep med question, lol. Mum wanted me to ask you here since most of you have more experience than we do.

    So far I've tried Klonopin and Lunesta. I have become very depressed by both. I read that they may cause depression in those that have a risk of it, or something like that. I get depressed, but never this bad, and it does run in the family.

    I have a friend who told me all sleep medications can cause depression. I'm hoping this isn't true because I enjoy getting the sleep, but I'd almost rather not sleep than feel like this.

    My mum said something about the makers of tylenol PM making a sleep med without the tylenol. I thought it was habit-forming though. So I'm all really confused and just don't know what to do.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and thank you.
  2. julieisfree05

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    Xyrem is a medication that is used to treat Narcolepsy, but is being used more and more to treat FM sleep disorders.

    My rheumy has done two studies on it, and it is expected to be FDA approved to treat FM in the next year.

    It has a half-life of about 4 hours, so it's out of your system completely by morning, and there are virtually NO side effects.

    Search on my post:

    Xyrem saved my life

    for more info.

    Best of luck,

    - julie (is free!)
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    Have you tried melatonin? Some like it a lot but you have to "find" your best dose.

    As for Tylenol PM and the like, I used to have a neighbor who was a flight attendant and she said that all flight attendants and pilots take them because their schedules are so erratic. I don't think they're addictive but you could become used to sleeping if they help you. lol I wouldn't hesitate to try them if you can take Benedryl.

    I take Restoril, 15 mgs. when I wake up during the night since I have little trouble going to sleep, just staying there. It's a drug though, so you can become dependant on it.

    Recently tried a sample of Rozerem. Nothing. But that doesn't mean it might not work for you. The drug reps are handing out samples in a little box of three. Enough for you to know if it's helpful. It's not supposed to be habit-forming.

    Good luck.

  4. LongStruggle

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    I have had problems falling asleep for years. Years ago I took melatonin. For me, melatonin worked good, but the longer you use it, the less it works. I think this is because our bodies actually make melatonin and once you have a good level in your body, then taking oral melatonin loses its effectiveness.

    I have been taking ambien for many years now. Ambien works great for me. It just gradually makes you tired and helps you fall asleep. I don't have any negative effects from taking it.

    There are many different kinds of sleep problems -- falling asleep, staying asleep, actual sleep disorders like sleep apnea. It depends on your problem as to what may be most helpful.

    Trazadone at the right dose for you may be very good as it is in the antidepressant family. It doesn't work good as an antidepressant but it is great for falling asleep. There are also several antidepressants that have sedative effects that may be helpful for you.
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