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    Sleep is one of my worst cfs symptoms or lack of.sleep i should say. Im finding I am becoming intolerent to these meds. I will use a benzo type medication 1-2x week(zopidem or zopiclone) and another 2-3 night a week use low dose sedating antidepressant(amitrityline, doxepine etc) and just started melatonin again with little effect. I definately function better after a good nights sleep. What do you do next? how have others coped? The only thing I havent tried is seroquel and not sure about this one, heard some horror stories with this medication.

    Maybe just stop all sleep meds and see how i go for a few months then reintroduce sleep meds intermittently and hope they work again. Greatful for any help.

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    have been on melatonin again now for a week, 5mg 1/2hr before bed, i sleep about 2 hrs. Interesting about low dose melatonin, may try that, have also thought of maybe a slow release melatonin.