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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bipolarcat, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. bipolarcat

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    i know i've talked about how great i've heard they are. well i was really wrong i recently bought one and is had doubled if not tripled my pain. along with the pain issues it's caused motion issues and the smell of when it lets air out has made me physically sick. i don't recomend getting this bed. if anyone knows of a good mattress please tell me i'm desperate for a good nights sleep and being able to wake without pain or very little.

  2. quanked

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    I have a sleep number bed with an adjustable frame--like a hospital bed kind of--and I love mine. I hate it when I have to leave home and sleep on a different bed : (

    Perhaps your bed is not set up correctly--I have never had any issues of leaking air or an odor from any air. I do adjust firmness from time to time--not sure why I need the change but it sure is great to have that option.

    I cannot think of another bed I would recommend. I hear those tempurpedic beds work well for some people. It would never do for me because I like a very cool room when I sleep which apparently does not work well with this kind of matteress.

    Good luck in your search. I can appreciate your frustration as the need for good sleep seems so extra important with these dd's.
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    check the return period. I have a tempurpedic with a feather bed topper and a thick quilted mattress pad on it and I have never slept better. I also must have the curved tempurpedic pillow with a feather bed and a feather pillow on top for my head and a king size pillow for under my knees or between them if I lay on my side. When I get to sleep by myself (my young son likes to sleep with me) I like to sleep in the middle of the bed on my back with my arms out at a 45 degree angle and I usually wake up in the same position.

    I also listen to Ray Lynch's Deep Breakfast album every night. My son has the cd in his room and we play it on my phone in my room. It came out in the early 80's and, in my opinion, a better relaxation or meditation album has yet to be made.
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    I have nights fairly far and few between that I sleep very well on ours; the rest of the time I sleep in our guest room.....not so much because of the bed, just because I can't sleep most nights and do a lot of roaming about.

    Ours came with a 30-day trial period, and it does take several weeks to get use to them because they are different. When our kids come to visit, they do not like ours....except for one, who also has the SN bed at home. Try it for awhile, and if you don't like it, either return it or try a topper over it. By the way, may I ask what size it is? Our DD/hubby had one...queen size, and when they put it together they didn't insert the middle foam section, which ruined the bed. They basically ended up with a 'water bed' floating feel to theirs. They thought the foam piece was trash! Didn't read instructions..... once the reordered that piece, they love it :)

    Good luck in what every you decide. A good night's rest is so important! .......Jole
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    I slept in one of those for my sleep study I hated it too it was not comfortable at all. I have a good matteress with memory foam on top. My husband wants to buy the memory foam matteress but our matteress are in top shape so I cannot justify the cost. I cannot go without the memory topper though. I also got the new pillows that are out. Costco's sells them.