sleep number or foam bed?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pamlamb, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. pamlamb

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    Does anyone out there know of a bed that helps ease the fibro pain? I have a thick pad on a thick mattress but still get woken up frequently by hip and leg pains and no way to stop them. Also, any medications to help ease the pain in my legs an hips? My doctors seem to be against any kind of pain meds, and say they don't help with fibro pain.
    Thanks for your thoughts. PJ
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    30feeling80s post about this check it out charlene
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    Pam, my doc didn't want to give me pain meds but did. he doled them out 10 or 20 at a time. I went to a pain management clinic and now get pain meds.

    pain meds do help with FMS pain. When I am at work I can only take 1 percocet at a time and it lessens the pain but doesn't take it away. in fact I think I am getting used to them and they don't work like they used to, because 1 percocet would last 4 hours and take almost all the pain away. My pain is getting worse and worse and 1 percocet now lasts 2 hours at most.

    But my point for you is that, like me, you should find someone who is knowledged in FMS and give you pain meds.

  4. tngirl

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    Pain meds do help. I take hydrocodone and ultram and occasionally a muscle relaxer. But I progressed to the medications. Perhaps you would find relief from:

    Heating pads

    hot showers or baths

    hot tub

    gentle massage

    physical therapy (I learned some strengthening and stretching exercises that help me a lot)

    sleep with a pillow under your knees or between your knees if you have lower back/hip pain.

  5. Susan07

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    Either kind of bed I hurt but less pain with the sleep number. I think you just have to try them out.

    The "foam" type compress and seem more painful to my body.

    FM is helped by pain meds. If it wasn't for pain meds I'd be going out of my mind by now. Being in pain increases the tension thereby creating more pain, you could get into a vicious cycle.

    I am on norco, an anti-inflammatory (feet) and an anti-depressant which helped the norco work again after I got use to it.

    I hope you get the kind of help you need.
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    Bought a tempurpedic, have had it for 5 months now. It has helped me incredibly much. I thinj it's different for everyone, so try them out. The tempurpedic has an in home trial you can do. Good luck! -buffy r