Sleep Paralysis??????????????????????????????

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    I realize that I can search the archives but each time I try my comp gives me the message that it 'timed out' or the page is unavailable. So I cannot bring any info up on this subject.

    I am having such a hard time sleeping lately. I awaken almost every hour. And my mouth is so dry all night. I have to sip water constantly. Then when I did finally sleep a bit I was awakened by the strangest feeling! It was as though I was awake but could not move my limbs or body at all. Really freaky! It happened 5 times during the night. At the same time I was unable to breathe like my breathing muscles were also paralyzed somehow. I do take Xanax at night (every night .25) Without it I would not sleep at all.
    Anyone use anything better to help with sleep? I know Xanax is not really a sleeping aid and I have been using it for over a year now.

    I am so wiped out. No energy, horrible headache but then when I lay down I can't sleep ~ even during the day.


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    Can't sleep either or if I do I wake up at 1 am and that's it. I take 75 mg. of Benydryl and Valerian Root but now i'm having reactions to the valerian root so I'm stuck. I'll be watching for any new things on this. Pammy
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    glad you put a name to what I have been going through. It is terrible! I have had to get a doctors note to be excused from the a.m. shift at my work because I sleep so crappy. I drive schoolbus and I am not safe at 6a.m. any longer. This sleep disorder is running and ruining my life! I feel that if I could get a handle on the sleep the pain I suffer with fms would be minor. I HATE IT!!!! All last night I was in this state like a coma. I found something on a message board which might be of interest. Who knows if it is true???

    *****I am the moderator of ASP-L, a mailing list devoted to the discussion of ASP: Awareness during Sleep Paralysis. Our perspective is that sleep paralysis by itself is not a problem because the body is *supposed* to be paralyzed 4-6 times every night --- whenever the body cycles into REM sleep. The paralysis keeps us from acting out our dreams.

    Only when the consciousness retains/acquires awareness while the body is in REM-state sleep paralysis do we have an anomalous condition.

    Some people seek out this condition because it is a gateway to Lucid Dream Experiences and/or Out-of-Body Experiences, both of which are usually very pleasant and potentially educational.

    OTOH, some people seek to avoid this condition because of the fear that accompanies it when the experiencer is unaware of the potential just mentioned.

    ASP-L has subscribers from both these groups. You may want to check us out.

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    hi kristina, you might think about getting a sleep study..this sleep paralysis is something that happens to people with a disorder called someone else mentioned the web site sleepnet dot com..go there its very informative and there is a little test that you can take (short like 5 minutes)and will give you ideas of sleeping disorders that you can ask your doctor about...there are other symtoms to narcolepsy like sleep onset dreaming(you hit the pillow and are already dreaming), cataplaxy(your muscles will give out to strong emotions)and of course always being tired and having uncontrollable sleep attacks(falling asleep while playing or driving,eating etc.) it is somewhat common for people with narcolepsy to have fms because they only get rem sleep and seem to skip the stage 4 deep sleep that we all need(same as in fms)..well i hope that that helps a little.. good luck...btw..i believed that i had narcolepsy when i was a teenager and i still wonder if i do but oh well.