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  1. Tiger69

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    Fibromyalgia, Sleep, and Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

    I have had Fibromyalgia for 3 1/2 years now. I was just diagnosed with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) last week. I am allergic to doxycycline which the gastro doc put me on. I was persistent with gastro doc and he changed me to Augmentin 3x/day 14 days which I can handle. He also made me mad because after the initial treatment with an antibiotic, he wants me to take 125mg of erythromycin a night as maintenance to keep the bacteria away. I told him three times that I cannot take erythromycin because I'm allergic to both neomycin and clarithromycin (Biaxin). He refused to give me anything else. GAstro doc hasn't given me anything to keep bacteria away. The nurse said they're waiting to hear from him. He's still stuck on erthromycin for it's motility effect though. Does anyone know of any other med that does this same thing long-term that I can ask doc about? I also cannot eat wheat and grain breads, spaghetti, pizza, etc. I'm still trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat and which foods to avoid. Does anyone have this problem and what do you do for it?
    I am experiencing a fibro flare-up right now (as I do this time every year). I've just started taking Cymbalta 30 mg and will go to 60mg/day next week. It has started to help my pain. I've heard that 2 60mg tablets daily help the fibromyalgia. Does anyone have any experience with this.
    I am still having muscle spasms and trouble sleeping (neverending). I need a new sleep med. Has anyone had any experience with Ambien CR? Right now I take Lunesta and Halcion and I wake up about 3a.m. and cannot get back to sleep. Any other medications I should try for sleep?
    I've updated title and wording of post, so hopefully someone can give some suggestions.
    Tiger 69
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    I can't eat wheat or anything with gluten like oats, rye,
    barley, etc.

    There are a lot of products out there now because so many
    people have these allergies.

    There are breads and cereals made from corn, rice, millet
    or quinoa - lots of varieties.

    I still feel like strangling my husband when he can eat
    pasta and I can't. :).
    But I have found a pizza I really like with a rice crust.
    The brand is Amy's - at health stores. I put on extra cheese and spices.

    I find the trick is when I feel deprived to find something
    I can enjoy. Organic cinnamon and vanilla are awesomely
    more flavorful, and if you think of it there are so many
    flavors to try in spices, fruits -- everywhere.

    I used to have IBS with severe intestinal spasms, but that
    has been cured with pro-biotics, and avoiding allergic foods.

    I agree also that if you change the name of your post to
    something describing what you need help with you could
    get a lot of great advice.

    Wishing you the best,
  3. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    bumping for Tiger69 - her new title explains her need
    for advice more clearly.

    Tiger - have you ever tried pro-biotics? They build up
    the healthy stuff in your intestines, ESPECIALLY after
    taking antibiotics.

    Last year I had a serious operation where I had to take
    antibios.; and it took 6 months of probios. before my
    intestines were healthy and strong again.

    There are a lot of good posts here on this subject. Just
    do a search on top - it could give you one positive thing
    that could help.

    Good luck
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    klonepin or clonazepam same thing. I take 1-1 1/2 a night and I went from 2 hours to 6 hours sometimes 7. Dr Amand talks about it too. Just to another search on either of those words and you get some great answers. Some take 5htp with it.
    I'm going for a sleep study soon. I won't add anything new till that's over. This dr. is a lung dr. locally who will prescribe xyrem for sleep which is also discussed on this site. No very good reviews but I'll try anything to get excited and active again.
    Have a bloomin' good day
  5. Tiger69

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    cph 13
    I,ve tried Klonopin in the past and had to stop it because it gave me horrible nightmares, so that is not an option for me, but thatnks for the info. I'm now on Ambien CR ( a new long-acting) form of ambien and it works great. I stay asleep all night and I don't wakeup except to use the bathroom and go right back to sleep. But my insurance will only cover 14 Ambien CR's a month. Maybe if I can get my doc to tell them that that Ambien CR is the only thing that will work for me, they'll have to cover 30/month. I've tried trazodone, elavil, Klonopin, regular ambien, lunesta, restoril, halcion, remeron. I had to stop the remeron too because it made me pass out the next day.

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