Sleep problems.

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    Since restorative sleep is important for many people with FM/CFS/ME, I found the following article called, "Raiding the Refrigerator, but Still Asleep'' in the New York Times interesting.

    The article mentions a book called, "Sleep. The Mysteries, The Problems and Solutions".

    Unfortunately, I can't blame sleep eating for my weight gain though I do find Trazodone does make me hungry if I take it too early before I go asleep. :>)

    Has anyone else read this book? I am thinking of getting it and looking for opinions from people who have read it or have heard about it. It has good reviews.

    The web site for the book is:

    Looking for some feedback on this or any other book about sleeping.


    Take care, all.

    ETA The book does not just talk about sleep eating.

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    While looking for sleep books, I also found something called "morning sleep inertia" which I think I have and have not heard of other than difficulty getting up in the morning. But it sounds like more than this.

    I wake up very "depressed, very lethargic,thinking there is no reason to get up with a horrible feeling of dread. I think a bomb could be placed under my bed and still would not have the energy to get up. Please do not try the "bomb therapy" at home.

    However, when I do have the energy to wake up, after anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, the depression is the first to go, if this is indeed what it is, followed by exhaustion. This seems to happen even when off meds. that can make you sleepy. This does not mean I never feel down during the day or I don't have the exhaustion. My depression is pretty much controlled with an AD.

    Anyone else with this problem?" My mother did but I don't know if she had FM as she never complained of pain, just excessive sleeping. I have often wondered if she may have had CFS which was dismissed as only depression which she also had.

    I am going to do some more research on this subject as it looks like it is more than having difficulty waking up.

    I also have an upcoming sleep study.

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    This is also mentioned in the article. I think it is plausible in rare exceptions but not proable in 99.99% of rape cases.

    There was an episode on Law and Order SVU that dealt with this subject but don't remember how it ended.

    The article also mentions masterbating in your sleep which I think is actually fairly common. God, please do not let me do this during my sleep study!!!

    Take care.


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    At least that is better than having it come out your nose!! Were you in public?


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