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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KerryK, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. KerryK

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    Sleep has mostly abandoned me. I noticed a device recently in media called Re-timer. It is quite expensive, so I wonder if anyone here has tried it and noticed any benefit. I hope for some trusted feedback before I spend some money.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know anyone who has used this method. However I cannot see how it would help much, maybe a little. I personally do find that being outside for much of a good sunny day does improve my sleep a little. Maybe the same principal. It could also be that my sustained physical activity and fresh air intake is the reason???

    I think we have to be somewhat guarded about claims of devices and medications which are used for similar symptoms where the aim for FM is symptom reduction. Such devices as this may have some effect for people on night shift or have had travel disrupt their sleep. The sleep disturbances in FM (and ME) are due to immunological and neurological dysfunction so unlikely to be much improved. Similarly melatonin seems to help a few with FM but the majority seem to think it makes symptoms and sleep worse. This could be the same, a few benefit but most not.

    Interestingly there is a very recent study on sleep and ME/CFS here (no real difference between ME and FM in this regard:

    Sleep Study
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  3. KerryK

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    Thanks for the input. You may well be right. Certainly, I believe my sleep issues are a complex stew of respiratory and neurological problems.

    I do not find being outside makes much difference and it also seems that being more active can ramp me up and make sleep worse. Melatonin helps with sleep, but makes my mood much worse.

    I am more open to some of these devices now that I have had good, long term results using a device called Cefaly for my chronic migraine problems. Certainly, it is all about symptom reduction in the absence of real remedies. I think the migraines are just a symptom of the larger issue of FMS. I will take whatever relief I can get.

    Just rambling. Thanks for the advice. Still looking to hear more from others.

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