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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by baanders, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. baanders

    baanders New Member

    A sleep specialist who looks beyond the age of retirement wants me off my Klonopin (3.5 mg) and my Seroquel (50mg) for sleep. I remember that when I first got sick 8 years ago, I only slept 2-3 hours without these meds.

    I explained that I have an anxiety d/o and that without them I will obsess to my husband late at night and become very anxious...that it would be a strain on my marriage.

    His point was that eventually Klonopin and Seroquel would interfere with sleep.

    P.s. I find that Klonopin is a great muscle relaxer.Does anyone know if Klonopin really relaxes muscles in lower doses?

    Sincerely yours friends,
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    hi becca

    yes klonopin(benzo type drug) will start to interfere with your sleep. You also have to start taking more as its effects stop working.

    Any benzo type drug was only meant to be taken for two weeks. doctors wondered why theres problems when their the ones that don't know about drugs they perscribe.

    It is a good muscle relaxer. Im trying to find my papers on benzos that saved my life when I got caught having to withdraw so I can post website.

    It does work in lower dosages.3.5 is how when you work out the ratio. ck out the post on person weaning off of it.

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  3. baanders

    baanders New Member

    True, but he wants me to go to bed at 5 AM and wake up at 11 am to 1 pm. He says my sleep from 11pm to 5 am is artificial. He doesn't understand how scarry it is to be without sleep. Even if it is artificial, at least it is stage 1 and 2 ( I was tested) and it has kept me from getting cold viruses, etc.

    thanks for your support.
  4. baanders

    baanders New Member

    I know everyone on this board has this issue!

    hugs and blessings,
  5. baanders

    baanders New Member

    I know you care. I'm persistant :)

  6. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    I don't believe it actually "relaxes" your muscles; even though the benzos are referred to as muscle-relaxers, I don't think that technically they actually DO that.

    But neurologically, or MENTALLY...they DO seem to flip a switch that many of us (me, for sure) are unable to flip "naturally" and allow for sleep to possibly happen.

    I've taken clonozapam for about 10 years now for sleep. I take .5 mg and have never needed to go up in dosage. It does not give me as much sleep as I think I need, but it does allow me SOME sleep, which is so much better than nothing. For over 30 years before I began to take it, I suffered miserably from near-suicidal insomnia. I am very grateful for it, and hope I can take it forever. (actually, it would be nice if a BETTER solution came along!)

    Regarding a statement in your last post, not sure what you meant: **"True, but he wants me to go to bed at 5 AM and wake up at 11 am to 1 pm. He says my sleep from 11pm to 5 am is artificial."**....are you sure you didn't get that BACKWARDS? Just curious.
  7. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    dr cheney recommends klonopin and doxepin and says that using sedating drugs safer than stimulant ones with cfids.
    on the other hand it'd be nice to find sedating stuff that doesnt have the problems associated with benzos.
  8. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I can't speak to the medicine issues, but I am intrigued by the sleep timing your doctor suggested.

    It sounds as if he believes your sleep cycle is off, and that he is starting to try to re-set your sleep clock.

    In addition, stage 1 and 2 sleep is probably not what is keeping you from getting colds. I was under the impression that deep sleep (3 and 4) is what allows the body's immune system to recharge.

    I know that I have read about sleep docs deliberately keeping patients awake a bit longer than necessary to encourage stage 3/4 sleep when they finally do get to bed. Since deep sleep is generally greater in the first part of the night ('night' -- er, um, the first part of your sleep), you have a greater chance of experiencing deep sleep the longer you have gone without.

    This is another reason why many sleep docs do not like their patients to nap during the day -- napping takes away from the hunger our body has for sleep, and there's a greater chance of shallow sleeping throughout the night -- no deep sleep.

    I'm another with lack of deep sleep. When I can afford it, Xyrem is the only medicine that addresses this for me. The next best sleep I get is after having completely exhausted myself with physical activity (but unfortunately this causes problems with body pain!).

    Selective sleep deprivation is a known treatment for some sleep problems, however, it is not recommended to use this method unless you are under a doctor's supervision (as you are).

    If I were you, I would ask the doctor to outline his treatment plan for you over the next few months so that you can understand his approach.
  9. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I have been taking the same dose of Klonopin for fourteen years and have never had to increase it. At least, that is my experience.

    Has anyone noticed a difference in Klonepin and its generic Clonazepam?

    Hope this helps.


    I think I have mentioned this before but my niece's name is Becca, short for Rebecca. I love the name and my niece!!
  10. stschn

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    I don't know anything about Klonopin or Seroguel but my experience of late was a big surprise to me and I though I'd share it. After no luck with Lunesta or Ambian I decided to try isocones. They work on the insomnia pressure point that is called H7 in acupressure an ancient healing art where finger pressure is used on key points of the body to stimulate its self-curing properties. The wrist bands for sea sickness have worked very well for my husband and I so when I read about one for insomnia I thought I try it. It was with a great deal of doubt as I've had insomnia for 20 plus years and have been through what feels like a ton of meds. I only ordered one packet to sample and low and behold I slepted and I did not feel that awful drugged feeling when I awoke after 8 hours of sleep. Unheard of---both not feeling drugged and sleeping for 8 hours. I have ordered a full set and have now used them every night fo 6 nights and then skipped a night (and I even slept then) and gone back on the following night which they tell me will continue for 6 to 15 days depending on the lengh of time I've had sleeping problems. You can also do with if you are on sleeping tablets until you gradually decrease your nightly dose. So no drugs and no side effects just a natural cure for insomnia.
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