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    Good morning all! I read the article that someone suggested about sleep & healing. I understand that sleep plays an important role in healing especially sleep stages 3 & 4. However, I do not know when you are in those stages. Is it 1, 2, 4, hrs. after falling asleep? I rarely sleep more than 2-3 uninterrupted hours. Am wondering if I am getting that much needed stage 3 & 4 sleep? If anyone out there knows, please let me know.

    One other thing - does anyone else notice when you type that sometimes you get the right/left finger keys messed up - like instead of typing "time" I will type "teim". I have typed for years & have just noticed this problem in the last 6 months. I have to proof everything I type! I also have started doing the same thing when I talk. Instead of saying "run the vac" I'll say "vac the run". Maybe this should have been another post but I thought of it when I misspelled again! Don't know if I'm just losing it or if it is something to do with fibro fog.

    Anyway thanks for listening to me rattle on.....

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    I really don't know much about the sleep stages,although I do know fibro messes with them.But the typing---yes I know what you mean.I've been wondering if I was losing it because of hitting the keys backwards.I'm glad I'm not the only one,at least I know now that I'm not completly nuts.LOL I also can't seem to spell anymore.I think I know how to spell something but when I try to type it I just kind of draw a blank. duh LOLOL bejo
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    ...on sleep problems. Punched "stages of sleep insomnia" into a search engine. Hint: it's like the natiure channel but about sleep. I'm in the process of actually shortening up my sleep time. I've gotten into a cycle of sleeping too much one night, not being tired enough to fall asleep the second night, then being over tired and sleeping too long the third night, so I'm not tired enough to fall asleep the fourth night... . I usually go to bed around 11:30 (whicj means it's close to midnight by the time I fall asleep) and set my alarm for 7am. It's rough at first but it's starting to work for me.

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    There is a technical term for that little problem you mention: mordswixed bassackwards. Ha!!! You mix your words assbackwards. If talented(ie sick enough) enough,
    you can create whole sentences of them. Some mornings you get up, babble, and say "well, its a mordswix day!" "I'll
    be wixing mords all day!"
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    Thanks to all who responded. I was scheduled for a sleep study before I was diagnosed, did the diary thing for I forget how many nights & then when diagnosed doc said not to bother - comes with the territory. While keeping diary I found that I only slept for 1 - 1/2 hrs. at a crack, waking 6-7 times each night. Now I take Clonazepam at bedtime & normally wake 3-4 times per night. Not my idea of a great night of sleep but better than before. Most mornings I do wake up feeling like I was run over by a mack truck. Takes a while just to roll over to get out of bed, but once up & moving pain & stiffness usually leaves within an hour.

    Bob, I will do a search as you did & see what I can find.

    Thanks again everyone, it sure helps to know you're not alone.

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    The thing that gets me about Klonopin is that sleeplessness is listed under side effects!! This was on the info. provided by my pharmacy. So why do docs prescribe something that causes sleeplessness to help you sleep? Makes no sense to me. Next time I see my doc I'm going to ask him.

    Nite all.....Kathi
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    I was on .5 mg. at first, but did nothing for me. Then he upped it to 1 mg. Now it's hit & miss. More miss, though. Thursday night I slept for 5 straight hours. Haven't done that in I don't know how long. Of course, Wed. nite I slept a total of 3 hrs(not consecutive) so it may have been pure exhaustion. Plus I went back to work this past Monday for half days & I definitely have felt the fatigue the whole week.

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    hi all..............
    I dont mean to sound like a broken record but I have posted this a few days ago on another post but........I just underwent 2 sleep studys.......

    Jelly is absolutely right in all she is saying about the sleep stages.

    Your Dr. SHOULD NOT dismiss it as just sleeping should push for the study providing you have insurance etc. You need to know why and how bad you are.....for instance my oxygen level drops low when I sleep......i never got past stage 2 sleep.......and only stayed in it for 12 brain wakes up every 27 seconds due to the fact it thinks it is suffocating. I also just found out yesterday from the second report while they had me hooked up to the CPAP machine that I experienced a Brady-Tachy event (something to due with heart beat) My Dr has not contacted me yet......I had the sleep center fax me a copy of the two reports . The Dr did tell me that I am in a critical condition when I try to sleep......until the CPAP machine is delivered I guess I am suppose to stay awake.....or pray that I wake up each morning........
    He also mentioned to me that he had planned on using the Klonipan along with the CPAP.
    He said it is a great combo for the perfect restful sleep...............?????????????? Any suggestions ???????

    The person who mentioned long as you are sure about your Dr and have faith in him. it is a very powerful and dangerous drug. It has a tendency to give tremors and I "think" is actually an anti-psychotic drug meaning for schitzophrennias(spelling). I personally would get a second and THIRD opinion !!!!!!!!!

    My name is Kathi too !!!!!!

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    Actually my parents spelled my name Kathie, but I dropped the e years ago. My doc suggested forgetting about the sleep study for now. He said since I'm newly diagnosed he'd like to try some things first & then if I'm still not sleeping we'll do the study. I know one thing, I'd give just about anything to sleep for 8 hrs straight. Don't know what to say about the Klonopin. Can't say it helps me that much but it also doesn't hurt that much. Although I've had the one night of just 3 hrs. sleep & one night last week I did not get 1 wink of sleep - zip, zero, nada. Luckily that was before I went back to work - my half days are in the mornings. Maybe it is the Klonopin?

    Good luck to you & hope your machine arrives soon. My dad has one & for the life of me I don't know how he can sleep with that mask on his face. But he says it works great.

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    There's another post thread about this...Klonopin is dangerous if you have sleep apnea. If it seems to be keeping you awake instead of making you sleep you should tell doc - everyone is different and that's why one of the side effects listed is insomnia. It doesn't do that to me in fact it's the only thing that puts me back to sleep quickly when I wake - I used to wake every 2-3 hrs. but now only wake once a night so getting better sleep but know it's not stage 4 because I'm still so tired.

    I understand that Ambien is supposed to help you get stage 4 sleep but is highly addictive too but dang, what isn't? Problem is many docs won't prescribe more than ten pills a month but I guess if it works for ten days, you may be able to catch up with some zzzzz's and make it through the other 20 days better. I haven't tried it yet but just got some so want to try it soon.

    Yep, I've been doing the switching letters, words and movements are even backwards sometimes...really backassward which can be very difficult if you work and one reason I'm not any more.

    Hope that helps
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    I will talk to doc after next week about the half day work thing. He wasn't in favor of it(but after listening to me beg & plead) he gave me a return to work slip for half days for 2 week trial. Hate to admit it but he may know what he's talking about!!! I will mention what you have said when I see him & maybe we can try something else. Like I said, some nights I think it helps & others I KNOW IT DOESN'T.

    Thanks for the info. & I've said nite all about an hour ago & this time I mean it!!