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    I go in for the 1st of two sleep studies Sunday night. The 2nd one is on the 27th. They sent me some information in the mail, but the dr. I saw wasn't very explanatory at all and was in too big of a hurry to say much of anything. I'm interested to know if anyone else has had one and what to expect. I dont understand why its a 2 part study. They'll probably think I'm moving in but I'm bringing all the things with me that make me comfy to sleep which includes my favorite pillows, even my fan! lol.

    They said I could shower there, and I go back to work Monday but since the hospital is so close to home I think I'll just come home and shower then go to work.
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    Hi Chris. The first night they just monitor you sleep and see how many episodes that you have where you don't breath and how long it lasts. They put wires all over you on your head, on your chest, on you legs. This is the way they measure your movements and episodes. I thought it would be hard to sleep with all that but after I took all my sleep meds I was out. I think you have to have at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep. THey wake you up unhook you and you can leave

    They read the study then have you come back to fit you for the c-pap. They hook you up again and you go to sleep this time wearing the c-pap. They measure the amount of air pressure you need to keep you from stop breathing. No big deal. Just make sure you take your meds to help you sleep. I go for my second one tomorrow night.

    I took my pillows. I am like you I just came home and took a shower and went on to work. My hubby has done it and he says the second night is the worst because you have to wear the c-pap. He says it takes a while to get use to it but now he won't sleep without it.

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    Kristi - Thanks for explaining this! I had no idea why they even do it over the course of 2 nights. Now it makes sense! I don't think I'll have a problem getting to sleep with the way the new sleep med I'm on is knocking me out! I was afraid too that I wouldn't be able to sleep because I can't sleep in hospital beds but I guess the room looks more like a motel room with a regular bed which is good news.

    I'm just anxious to get this over with and find out if it is sleep apnea or if I'm just not getting to the sleep stage needed to get a meaningful sleep.

    Thanks again.
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    I think every lab does it differently. They will let you know what you need to do for the second one. I don't have to take anything with me. They provide the machine and all the hoses.

    Some must not provide everything. When my hubby had his, they fitted him at the lab with the correct mask and determined what cpap was best for him on the second appointment. About a week later, a woman from one of the local medical supply came to our house and set it up for him. He is on one that is called an auto cpap. I measures his breathing and automatically changes pressure with his breathing. My dads is set on one setting of air pressure. The lab will help you with all that.

    I am anxious to go tomorrow might. I am hoping it will help me feel better too.
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    I've done them and I've been a prima donna. They told me to bring anything that I needed to help me sleep and I did!

    I took my own bedding, including pillows and comforter. I always go to sleep with music, so I took my boom box. (low volume, of course) I also took a book to read while I was waiting to be hooked up.

    The last test I took, I even brought some lavender to set out like I usually do at home.

    All I ever got was smiles. The lavender even got a big inhale.

    One of my tests included a nap study the next day. That meant that I slept there and then stayed the next day until, like, 3:00 p.m. I took my sewing machine and worked on a few Barbie clothes to help me pass the time. The tech laughed. I ended up with a couple of the other staff members coming in to see what I was doing! Pretty amusing. THAT test took two trips to get me back to my car!

    I showered at home because the clinic was right up the street from my house. The facilites at the clinic were very nice though.

    They should have given you a list of things to do before you get there. One thing I remember is that you're not to have any caffene after 12 Noon. Look that over carefully.

    They may have also sent a prescription for a sleeping pill. Some people don't sleep well away from home and they can't get a good reading if you don't sleep! If you choose to fill the prescription, take the pill with you to the test. They'll tell you when to take it.

    As was stated before, depending on all of your levels, the second visit will be to determine your "sleep number" on the CPAP that you will be given. You will be hooked up just like you were the first time and then given a mask that fits over your nose. As you sleep, the air pressure will gradually be increased until the level of air you are taking in reached the right levels on the computer monitors that you are hooked up to.

    You'll be given (if you already haven't been) a time to go back to see the doctor after both tests have been completed. Everything will be gone over with you then. Don't let the doctor be too busy to answer your questions. It is your health after all!

    Oh yeah, I took water with me.

    I apologize for the long answer, but I flipped into teacher mode. :) I hope all these replies help you out.

    Happy sleeping!
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    Well I'm ready for my first sleep study tonight. Usually I can't sleep anywhere but in my own bed, so I am totally prepared! LOL! Of course I have my jammies, some magazines and a puzzle book, my favorite pillows and blanket, lavender linen spray (LOL), my fan, and of course my bath & body works supply of lotion, shampoo, shower gel, & bacterial hand foam. (Yes I am a total B&B junkie!)The arthritis in my hands won't let me crochet or do my latch hook I would have brought those.

    They said I would be released between 6-7 am. I'm gonna ask if they'll at least be able to tell me if I had any episodes, how many, etc. The 2nd sleep study is on the 27th. According to the paperwork its to see what sort of "equipment" will have the best results in improving my sleep, so I don't know if they'll actually send me home with any kind of device or what.

    Anyway, wish me luck. I'll report back with updates.
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    Thank you Prickles.

    krchamp, how did yours go? I hope you're getting answers.
  8. Chris3251

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    Thank you Prickles.

    krchamp, how did yours go? I hope you're getting answers.
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    I started a new thread - sleep study and extreme pain. I couldn't find this one- a lot of fog today.

    The bed was hard as a rock!! It just about killed me. Take everything you can to be comfortable. They had replaced all the beds. So, the one I slept in the first night I had the study was gone and I was left with a rock!

    Good luck with yours
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    ok so after preparing for this for the past 2 days, finding a place for my daughter to stay, dragging the supersized bag I packed all through this huge parking lot and through the hospital, (no valet at that time of night) I get there only for them to say the tech called off. Why didn't they call me? Oh, because they had my phone # wrong in their system. I was FURIOUS and I went OFF! They called a supervisor who told them to get me in tomorrow night and make sure there was a tech available - no excuses.

    So now after dragging that darned bag all over the parking lot and hospital I hurt EVERYWHERE.

    Then they said that they almost always have a cancellation at the last minute on Sundays, so they had me wait around an hour...dontcha know that didn't happen. I am just fit to be tied! Luckily I was able to find a place for tomorrow night for my daughter to stay and now I have to totally rearrange my work schedule and get someone to cover my late night tomorrow and hopefully not lose my comp day off Friday which I scheduled for my daughters bday party. My whole week has just been turned upside down and I'm sure my boss is just gonna LOVE the fact that on my 1st day back I have to ask for schedule changes. This will make me look real good! (Sarcasm at its best).

    I'd better get some sleep tonight or I won't make it thru the day tomorrow. I have to work 8-5 and I have no idea how I'm gonna pull that off having to be at work so early when it takes me up to 3 hours to remotely be able to function with the pain.

    Wow I just can't wait to get all this done and leave all this chaos here behind when I move!
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    I'd be sure to call the doc and let him/her know what happened today. They can't fix the problems if they don't know about it.

    Take a soak, if you can stand it, in some warm water with your B&B stuff. That should relax you. Or, a warm drink, ex. tea, hot choc.

    You will not get any equipment after your second sleep study. That will not happen until after you have your follow-up visit with the doctor. The process for getting any equipment should be explained to you at that time, based on your insurance.

    I can't remember if they told me how amny episodes I had. I do know that I was told that during my follow-up.

    Happy sleeping!
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    I'm sorry you didn't have the best experience. They did put me in a room last night to wait and see if anyone would cancel. The bed does not look comfy at all. The mattress is very thin and it didn't appear there was any sort of box spring. I have one blanket packed, but I think I'm gonna take an extra blanket with me and use one to lay on.
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    The sleep study was a delight...wonderful new room, huge, with a brand new Sealy Postopedic Mattress Set and pillows, anything you would want...TV, DVD, CD player, etc. They told me my results as soon as they woke me up.
    I quit breathing 27 times an hour, and 18 times I quit breathing for 10 seconds or longer. I have OSA.

    I went back for my 2nd night and they used the CPAP... I woke up only once, and that was with a bad back ache. Took some pain med and back to sleep. Loved the CPAP.

    One piece of advice... ask lots of questions about the type of CPAP, what setting you will be, if it is a constant setting or if you will have a top number and a bottom number, and have them explain it to you.

    The one I have has a top number of 8 (which is not putting out as much air as the one at the hospital, and I'm having trouble getting it bumped up a couple of notches because my doctor will not approve it unless I go through the whole sleep study again). Guess what? I changed doctors!

    The Respiratory Technicians said the machines had to be tweaked a little sometimes at the beginning, and the doctors are always very accommodating and okay them to bump it up or down... however is more comfortable to you. But not this doc. But that's ok, I needed one who believes that CFIDS exists. She doesn't. And she only works 8 hrs a week. No, that wasn't a typo! 1/2 day on Monday and 1/2 day on Wednesday. (We never bonded.)

    I'm using the nasal pillows with headgear for the air. I like it a whole bunch better than the big masks that fit over the nose or the nose/mouth both. It depends on what your air setting is. If it is a very high setting, they probably won't use the pillows on you. They are pretty delicate comparitively. But the others break out
    my Rosacea. I have VERY sensitive Rosacea.

    Yours will probably come with a humidifyer. But ask about it... they are really nice.

    Good luck, and good sleeping!!!


  14. Chris3251

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    Wow, your room sounds like something at the Ritz! LOL! I was kind of surprised. OSU is a top hospital but they only have the basics, a bed that doesn't look like much to brag about, phone, and tv.

    Thanks for providing me with more info to ask!
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    The tech said that I should have my machine within 7 to 10 days. She said that the med supply would contact me and set up a time to come out. She didn't mention a doctors appointment. Every place must do it differently.

    I am so sorry Chris. These people just don't realize how hard it is for some people to do these things. It took everything I had to force myself to go. I didn't sleep well last night either because the study totally messed up my system. Of course, it wasn't that great anyway. I hope it goes well for you tonight. I would suggest to take something to lay on - those beds are terrible.

    The tech said that I should get a survey about my stay. I plan on telling them about the mattress and exactly what I thought of it.

    Good luck! Let me know how it goes!
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    Chris and Kristi, I'm so sorry you both had terrible experiences with your sleep studies. They are supposed to make the environment so peaceful that you would get your very best rest there. I guess I was very fortunate to have such a nice set-up in a little ol' town of 7,000 in the River Valley of the Ozark Mountains.

    We don't have much here, but we have a nice hospital, and they just added the new part where the sleep study rooms are.

    I think you both should write a SpeakUP! and give to the Hospital Administrator to get the ball rolling, and find out who his/boss is and send him/her a copy. They can't
    conduct an accurate sleep study in those kinds of conditions abd that kind of scheduling. Get after them!!

  17. krchamp

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    I do plan on letting the hospital know about my experience. I wrote about it under thread heading sleep study and extreme pain. I couldn't find this thread - quite foggy yesterday after bad experience. You're right and I shared my thoughts with the tech about the possiblity of skewed results. I am just glad the test is over and done!

  18. Chris3251

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    I was finally able to get my first one done last night. Because of all the nonsense the night before they put me in their "Presidential Suite"...LOL...It was MUCH nicer than the room I saw the night before. The bed was VERY comfortable. I wasn't nearly as sore this morning. I don't sleep well at all on my back, so wouldn't ya know that's where they wanted me to sleep. They said if that's the worse sleep I get then they wanted to capture those results, this way they can get a much more accurate diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan based on the worst results. They said to go ahead and take the Trazodone which I did but I didn't sleep worth a DARN. I was impressed though with how the "camera" (can't think of the exact name) can see everything in the dark, even when my eyes are open or I make any movement. I know I had alot of RLS and other body jerks thru the night because they kept waking me up as did snoring. And of course I have to work today, so I'm gonna have to fight to get thru the day.

    They had a patient survey and I definitely gave my feedback about the whole cancellation / wrong # mess. What gets me is they didn't even ask for my correct phone # the night before last yet they left a vm on my house phone yesterday confirming my appt for last night. Now figure that one out.

    I should get some results in 2-3 days, then I go back for my 2nd test on the 27th.
  19. krchamp

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    Chris- I was wondering how you did. I am glad you had a good bed. That is important for a good accurate reading. I guess I was fortunate that I had a good bed at least on the first night. Hopefully your second night will be as good. They kept telling me to sleep on my back. I can't I sleep on my side too.

    let us know how your second one goes.

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    I spoke to a technician today. The full report isn't completed yet because the dr. is evaluating the leg / arm movements that took place during the night but the preliminary report shows mild sleep apnea. I guess I quit breathing a minimum of 11 times a night for 10 seconds or longer which isn't bad, but I probably didnt get to sleep but 2-3 between that and the ridiculous involuntary leg / arm jerking that kept me up. The tech said he was certain the dr. will want to put me on a CPAP. If so, I pray the insurance covers it. I have standard medical / hospitalization thru my employer. (Not an HMO).